Christmas is a time to love

We had a great response from the recent home learning “Christmas is a time to love.” Here are a selection of the children’s prayers.

Well worth sharing with your family.


Dear Lord

Please help us prepare our heart

for the coming of your only son

by showing us your way of Wisdom and kindness.


by Ayodeji  year 5



Dear Lord

Help me to  be loving during Christmas Time.

Help me to  be prayerful and respect others

as we share the joy of Jesus.

Christmas is a time to Love.

by Martyna year 5


Loving Father

Help us remember the birth of Jesus.

Close the door of hate and open the love of Love.

It is Christmas the time for forgiving, love and peace.

Make peace happen in this world.

by Daria year 4

Lord Jesus

Help us to be born in your heart and to always remember Christmas.

It is about helping others and not being selfish.

We will always treasure your heart.


by Claudia year 4

Dear Lord

Christmas is a time to be together, a time to care.

It is a time to give friendship and forgive each other.

It is a time to connect with others and make them smile.

Christmas is a time to remember your son Jesus and the sacrifice he made.

It is a time to love.

Luca T year 3

Christmas is a time to love.

Like when God sent his son from above.

Like your family who care for you.

Their Love is really true.

So at Christmas we say a prayer

To have a world where we all love and care.

William year 3

Dear God,

We pray for all of those people in the world who don’t have a family or can’t share love at Christmas.

We also want to pray that everyone can have some love this Christmas.

by Rosie year 6

Dear Lord

We praise you for being our Saviour and we thank you for bringing us together on Christmas Day.

We are all one big family.

by Josh year 6

Dear Father God

I pray that everyone is happy.

I pray for a Happy Christmas for the world.

Look after the poor.

I pray you keep my family and friends safe.

I pray that you help me in my school work.

I pray that you show love to everyone.

Thank you for listening to my prayer.


by Dejon Year 2

God in the highest, I love you.

Make light shine bright and bring peace in the world every day.

God you make our hearts full of joy and kindness.

Thank you for everything we’ve got and please help the poor.

Natalie year 2


Dear Father

We pray for the people who are poor and who don’t have any food.

I am thankful for my family.


by Lily year 1

Please God

Help us to love each other.

Please help us to care for each other.

Please help us give food to the people who are hungry.


Mia Year 1

We wish you a Happy and  Holy Christmas.

Mrs Joyce




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