Choir sing at the Royal Albert Hall


Well done to the choir who sang like angels at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday. We had a wonderful day experiencing singing in a choir with over 1000 children as part of the Barnardo’s Supporters Concert. Thank you to all the parents who supported the choir at the concert and to Mrs Guerin, Mrs Harper, Mrs Theo and Ms Jacobs who accompanied us on the day. Well done to Daniel, Sofia and Olivia who opened the concert with their performance of One Voice. I was a very proud headteacher!

Do have a look at the photos on the choir area of the website.


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  1. Julie McDonald
    Julie McDonald says:

    It was a wonderful day- full of so many memories! Thanks so much to all the adults who supported the day and of course to the children for their singing and their joy.

  2. fiona masterson
    fiona masterson says:

    It was such an amazing experience. Great photos outside the Royal Albert Hall. Huge thank you to all who helped the sheer magnitude of caring for other peoples children in the city and the care that went into thinking about their safety. Such a shame that you have to consider these things but im thankfull you did and the children had a blast.

  3. Andria
    Andria says:

    It was a lovely experience to go to the royal Albert haul and sing there for the very first time,which will probably be my only chance singing there because now I am in year 5.


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