Celtic Harmony and Remembrance Day

This week we visited Celtic Harmony Camp near Hertford to experience a Warrior Day!

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Upon arriving we were greeted by Owen a man from the Iron Age who led us to the camp, where we had to declare peace in order to be allowed entry! Once safely inside a round house (complete with fire) we were separated into two groups and we were given a name for our group; The Wolves and The Bears.

During the day we took part in lots of activities; including  archery, making headbands, Celtic warrior face paint, a quest in the forest to solve riddles and find clues to help us solve a problem, warrior skills and a weaving activity. We earned points (gold coin) for team work, listening and performance on each activity.

Year 3 found themselves completely immersed in this fun but educational day at the camp and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I’m sure that you will agree that we all looked the part!

I would like to say a special thank you to Ms Coupland and Mrs Schofield for supporting us on this trip and joining in on all the activities to help the teams earn extra points!

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Home learning

This week I would like the children to write a recount about our visit to Celtic Harmony on the double sided sheet provided. This will be used as part of out topic learning and put into our topic books but it will also support our English writing next week when we begin to look closely at the book ‘Traction Man is Here’ as we will writing recounts of Traction Man’s adventures.

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The children should also practise their week 2 spelling, 4 time tables and read over the weekend please.

The children also led a beautiful Remembrance Day assembly today – I was so proud so how they all read and sang – thank you for coming to support, I’m sure you will agree that they did a great job. Well done Y3.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle


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6 replies
  1. Rachel Ryan
    Rachel Ryan says:

    Looks like it was an amazing day. So nice to see the pictures, so we can see what our children did on their school trip. Best trip ever according to Jamie H!

    • Matthew S
      Matthew S says:

      It was epic at Celtic Harmony. Especially when we went into the woods to solve the riddle. The sheep wool was greasy. The archery was super cool. Thank you Miss Pringle for taking us on this trip.

  2. Christopher S
    Christopher S says:

    It was lovely at Celtic Harmony. I loved the archery and the quest was my second best. It was exciting to make the headbands and get the face painted! I loved the fire when we were eating lunch. It was the best trip ever. Thank you Miss Pringle and Miss Coupland.

  3. Tito Akinola
    Tito Akinola says:

    It was really fun and enjoyable. I especially loved the archery. When are we going again! Thank you Ms Pringle and Ms Coupland.


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