Celebration blog, Friday 26th June 2020

Dear Year 4,

Thank you for sharing with us all the lovely things that you have been up to this week!  Lottie has been looking after Dorian’s guinea pig and really enjoying it.

Please click here for Alice’s wonderful story about Ananse, the spider and Feather, the wise owl, titled the Feather of good luck. Alice drew illustrations to go with her story.

Darcie-Louise is excited about transition day….she’s here in her school uniform looking very smart.  Mrs Lines is looking forward to meeting you all.

Doing the Hopscotch Challenge yesterday morning.

Joseph designed his own top trump cards after doing the dinosaur ‘now press play’ activity and found out about Mary Anning, the famous fossil hunter.

Joseph, Jack and Freddie looked at a scratch tutorial together and this is Joseph’s outcome from doing this.  Well done Joseph!




Awards go to:

Child C (1st), Child P (2nd) and Child M (3rd) in Read Theory.

Silver Mathletics Awards to Lola and Mishka. 

Bronze Mathletics Awards to:

Have a wonderful day of learning.

Mrs McNamara and Ms Varga.


Today’s learning:

PE Click here for your Active June worksheet.How many gold levels are you up to?

If you enjoy the Joe Wicks workout, please continue to have fun with his daily activities.

Morning Prayer

Find a quiet place to sit and reflect…


Love One Another

Lord of the loving heart,

May mine be loving too,

Lord of the gentle hands,

May mine be gentle too.

Lord of the willing feet,

May mine be willing too,

So I may grow more like you

In all I say and do.











Read Theory


Reading Log

Did you enjoy the book link from yesterday? Look at this one today which is linked to the History learning we have been looking at in the afternoon.


Log onto Read theory and complete at least 5 exercises


What are you reading?  Have you been updating your reading log?

Post us a picture of your reading logs!!  We would love to hear about the current book you are reading.

Spelling https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/46/28-Word-list-years-3-and-4—ei–to-fe-Word list: eight, eighth, enough, exercise, experience, experiment, extreme, famous, favourite, February

DICTATION:  Ask an adult or older sibling to read the following.  Write each sentence that is in red into your book and underline the spelling.

The word is eight.

There were eight children standing apart in the line.

The word is eighth.

I was born on the eighth month of the year which is August.

The word is enough.

“I have had enough for today. I’m tired,” said Joanna yawning.

The word is exercise.

The exercise felt good, as he ran and leapt happily.  

The word is experience.

Going on the fairground ride was a wonderful experience.

The word is experiment.

My favourite experiment in year 4 was when we tested and made circuits.

The word is extreme.

He was in extreme pain after he fell over. 

The word is famous.

Many famous people have stayed in the hotel.

The word is favourite.

My favourite fruit is banana.

The word is February.

Except for leap years, February has only 28 days. 




Fluency: test yourself on the 6, 7 and 8 times tables and division games.  Click here for the link.
Log onto your Mathletics Account and there you will see the assigned activities for you on Time, Decimals and Problem Solving.
Some children need to complete many tasks as they are not completing all the tasks set.
Make every effort to complete the Mathletics being assigned to you.

Year 4 – 12 bits of fun for reading and writing!

Every Friday, we would like you to choose an activity from the choices on this attachment. Click here!

These activities could be completed with a book you have read in school/know, a book you are reading now or a book online. Some of them you might have to do a bit more research. You can do them in any order. On the way you can collect points for prizes!

We can’t wait to see what you choose!  Have fun!


Wider curriculum This week, your afternoon learning will involve immersing yourself in a resource that engages your emotions, imagination and movements.Click here for the instructions.

Relevant Website:





Many of you are exploring Scratch.  Choose one of the tutorials and devise your own program based on the skills you have learnt through the tutorial you have looked at.

Scratch Link: Click here

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