Choir music – Wyllyotts concert

The link below will take you to the folder containing the music and lyrics for our concert in a couple of weeks time. Please practise all the song: the words need to be learnt off my heart for the rehearsal on Saturday 30th March.

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Choir Songs

We use our talents in the service of others!


Well done to the choir who entertained the Potters Bar Community Club with their singing this afternoon. They sang a range of Christmas carols and songs of worship. It was wonderful for the children to be able to share their talents with others and to have a chance to bring a small piece of Christmas spirit to the elderly of our town community.



Choir supporting our local comunity

Congratulations to the choir who sang at the Act4 URC Christmas Fayre today. You all did brilliantly and were a credit to your parents and to our school. I received an email from the Director of music, Stephen Jones….

It was lovely to hear the choir today. I thought their singing was excellent. As I said after your performance, I was impressed by their clear words, good choir discipline, excellent intonation, beautiful tuning in the two part singing (not only in, but especially in the chromatic lines of ‘White Christmas’), performance demeanour – there were some smiling faces, lots of great mouth shapes and dropped jaws, good ensemble stemming from their evident good training – things like watching the conductor, and responding to the beat. There was lots of energy too, especially in your finale ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree’ which the choir sang with great panache and evident enjoyment. All in all, a very pleasing performance of which everyone can feel proud.

Thank you to all the parents who made it possible for the choir to perform today and to Miss Donatantonio for all her hard work with the junior choir.

Well done everyone!

Liz Heymoz


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