We hope you all had fun at the carnival last weekend; the children were a wonderful sight in their customised t-shirts and head wear! They worked very hard in class creating them.

Our last half term is upon us and our new topic about mini-beasts is well underway! Reception class have been very busy creating bug hotels and searching for mini-beasts around the outside area. They have learnt about the life-cycle of a butterfly and explored the concepts of both halving and symmetry. They have also participated in lots of interesting group discussions about where they would fly to if they were a butterfly. Some ideas included flying to Africa, going up to space and visiting family in other European countries.

In RE this week, we learnt the story of The Good Samaritan and acted it out in groups on the outside stage area.

Next week, we will be learning about worms and other creatures that live under the ground. We will also be focussing on the story ‘Superworm’IMG_1460 IMG_1492 IMG_1493 IMG_1495 IMG_1496 IMG_1500 IMG_1585 IMG_1586 IMG_1588 IMG_1589 IMG_1590 IMG_1591 IMG_1593 IMG_1595 IMG_1596 IMG_1598 IMG_1614 IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1619 IMG_1620 IMG_1622 IMG_1623 IMG_1626 IMG_1653 IMG_1655 IMG_1664 IMG_1666 IMG_1672 by Julia Donaldson.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team