British Science Week 2017 – Wednesday

There were some very special visitors in school today……Twit-to-who do you ask? Owls!!!!

Year 1 joined the rest of the school for a very special Owl workshop. The children found out lots of interesting facts about these wonderful birds. Did you know that owls are very quiet in flight compared to others birds of prey!? We had the opportunity to watch these birds in flight and some very lucky children were asked to help with the owls.

DSCF6058 DSCF6065 DSCF6066 DSCF6071 DSCF6073 DSCF6079

Year 1 researched Barn Owls and complied some very interesting Fact Files.

Here are some of our facts:

‘Barn owls have a white, heart-shaped face.’ Manus

‘Barn owls screech, not like Tawny owls that hoot.’ – Alice

‘Barn owls eat rats and frogs.’ Lily

‘Barn owls live in farm buildings and in holes in trees.’ Freddie

‘Baby owls are called owlets.’ Elena





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