British Science Week 2017 – Tuesday

Today Year 1 were learning about the History of Flight. We enjoyed watching some very entertaining video clips of the different ways humans have tried to fly throughout history. There were plenty of Have-a-go Hares in the videos but unfortunately these inventors did not manage to get off the ground! Year 1 agreed that these inventors were learning from their mistakes every time and making changes to perfect their designs. The children went on to order the events of flight history onto a timeline.

Did you know that the hot air balloon was invented in 1783?


What do sycamore seeds do when they fall off the tree?

Inspired by the sycamore seed the children created their own paper helicopters.

DSCF6045 DSCF6042 DSCF6043 DSCF6044

There was a lot of discussion about the size of the blades and the number of paperclips used. The children took their helicopters outside to test them and record their findings!

DSCF6056 DSCF6053 DSCF6054 DSCF6055


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