Bawdsey Manor May 2023 Day 1

Well, we have arrived at Bawdsey Manor!

After having our packed lunches in the beautiful grounds of Bawdsey Manor, we headed off for a coastal walk. We spent the afternoon on the beach.  It was wonderful experience to add to our memories. The children enjoyed playing on the beach: skimming stones, building with the sand and collecting shells!!

The children visited Bawdsey Boathouse Cafe and were treated to an ice-cream/ice lolly…a welcomed treat after a fun time on the beach.

After a tour of Bawdsey Manor, the children have settled into their rooms!  We are now heading off for our dinner.

Our evening activity is going to be Cluedo in which the children are going to complete a series of challenges to solve a mystery.  I wonder if we are going to meet Professor Plum?!