Bawdsey Manor Day 3

Well the day has been a busy one again with the children enjoying the lovely sunny weather!

Today, the activities have included canoeing, rifle shooting, buggy building and challenge course.

The children enjoyed their last ‘wet’ activity with their instructor in the beautiful lake in Bawdsey Manor this morning.  The lake has been newly constructed and our school was one of the first schools this week to experience this new activity on the itinerary.  The children were taught the importance of:  getting in and out of a canoe, holding the paddle, understanding steering, going straight, forward stroke and forward sweep. to name but a few! In the evening,  the children took part in ‘capture the flag’ activity and returned to their dorms via the Manor House and various tunnels that are built around it.  The view down to the beach is breathtaking….something we are going to explore more of over the next few days.

Thank you to Mrs Carey who has been so kind to message all parents via their group whats app the photos of our stay.

We hope that you enjoy gaining an insight into the many activities the children have been participating in over this week.

Watch out for Thursdays post!


Mrs McNamara, Mrs Heymoz, Lorcan Keller, Mrs Lopez.

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  1. Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts says:

    We have loved seeing all the photos. Everyone is clearly having a fabulous time and the weather has been kind too.

    So many activities and they all look great fun!

    Thank you x


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