Autumn 2 Week 2

We have had a wonderful day at Celtic Harmony today, where we learnt how to become a Celtic Warrior.

We had a fantastic time learning how to fire an arrow and solve warrior riddles. The children were great at hunting for clues in the woodlands and proved themselves to be very fierce.


We also learnt how to weave reeds and how to work together in battle  – we even managed to defeat some wicked Romans! It was also great to hear the Myth of Finn MacCool and the Giant Causeway.

Thank you Miss Lawlor, Mrs Pinto and Mrs Lyons for helping us today – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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We have also learnt about the UK Paraliment and what the role of the House of Lords and House of Commons is. We will be voting for or against the schools name change on Monday.

To celebrate anti-bullying week we took part in a workshop about respect and explored how we could make kind choices and respect both ourselves and others.

IMG_2793 IMG_2794 IMG_2802 IMG_2804 IMG_2805 IMG_2807 IMG_2810 IMG_2788 IMG_2792

Home learning

Please read and complete the activities that have been set. Please refer to the Autumn 2 week 2 spelling list.

Enjoy your weekend

Miss Pringle

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