Autumn 2, Week 1

We have had a busy week, learning about and planning our our Willow Pattern fables in English. We have also completed online adverb activities using and explored when to use the words a or an. The children all did very well in their adverb spelling tests – thank you for supporting their learning at home.

In maths we have been estimating and exploring measurement and mass. We have been working hard to read and interpret scales. Next week, we will be regrouping using cherry models to add and subtract. Please click on the link below to see and example of the activities we will be doing.

year 3 maths

Year 5 visited us on Thursday to discuss parliament and the snap election that is taking place in December – next week we will be making information posters to share with year 5.

In science we have made our our fossils, using shells and clay. We also investigated how fossils are formed.

During art, we have learnt to use water colours and created remembrance day collages.

Home learning:

Mathletics and activities have been set.

Please read and sign reading records.

spelling: creating adverbs using the suffix ly. When the root word ends in y we change it to an i and add ly e.g. happy becomes happily

happily, angrily, lazily, easily, busily, greedily, messily, wearily, cheekily, clumsily.