Autumn 1, Week 7

What a week!

We have been learning about India as part of one world week, which has been amazing. The children have located continents, countries and oceans using various types of maps and have also identified physical and human characteristics in both India and the UK.

They have developed their chopping and weighing skills and baked some healthy onion bhajis, which were a real hit! As part of our RE focus this week, the children learnt about Mother Teresa and her wonderful work with the people of Calcutta and have also examined the similarities and differences between Diwali and Christmas.

During our PE lessons, we played the popular Indian invasion games Kabaddi and Hockey, which the children enjoyed.

It has been wonderful to see the children so enthused about learning and share their experiences, special clothing or Indian home learning with each other.

Our Stone Age experience on Thursday was AMAZING! We were visited by two Paleolithic Age people, Mema and Twig, who set up their Stone Age camp in the school field! Throughout the day the children were taught about the different stages of The Stone Age. They learnt how to make a fire using sticks and had the opportunity to gut and cook fish. Making clothing was a particular highlight as was  making string from horseradish stems, that could be used to make fishing nets.  Mema and Twig even joined us for lunch!

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  1. Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts says:

    What an interesting week. The Stone Age experience looks fabulous! Kate said it was an amazing experience and was excited to share all the details with us. She particularly enjoyed the prepping and cooking of the fish.

    Thank you for giving our children the most exceptional experience.


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