Autumn 1 Week 6- Year 5

This week, we have been preparing for the canonisation of Pope Paul VI by learning about his life and what steps are involved in being declared a saint. We have also begun creating portraits of him and will complete these on Monday.

We combined our history and geography skills this week to read OS maps and locate places in Hertfordshire with Saxon names to see where they settled.

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In maths, we have been learning Roman numerals up to M and using them in different combinations to create different dates. We also investigated which years would have more numerals than others and explained why.

Unfortunately, there were some photocopier issues this week. This means I was unable to print out a breakdown of the home learning. There is a whole school task provided to write a prayer to St Paul VI. Sheets for this were given with the home learning folders. Weekly spelling sentences should be completed as usual.

I have signed the children up to another site that provides maths learning by using games. They have the password for this in their home learning books. This is not compulsory part of home learning but a dojo prize will be awarded every Friday for the top 3 players! 20 mins on  should also be completed this week.


Have a great weekend

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  1. Fiona Masterson
    Fiona Masterson says:

    Ooh Cara-Jessie tried to sneak out of the home work. Great week and amazing that staff have gone to the Vatican for the canonization on St Paul.


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