Autumn 1 Week 6

It was lovely to see a lot of you at the Year 3 assembly this morning. The children were amazing!  They read, acted and sang beautifully.

In Maths, the children have been comparing and ordering 3 digit numbers using <, > and = signs. Then they have been leaning about number magnitude by finding the middle of a number line by halving and finding a quarter and three quarters. Once they have found these points, they estimated where other numbers should go and explained their reasons.

Last week in Science the children planned an investigation about the question ‘Do children with the longest legs jump the furthest?’ They thought carefully about how to plan a fair test. This week the children measured their legs and measured their jump. In four groups, the answer to the question was no and in one group they found that the answer to the question is yes.

In English, we have been reading the poem The Spider and the Fly. The children have been acting out the different parts, focusing on the expression and tone they use when they are reading. They took on the role of the fly and wrote a letter to ask for advice, using evidence from the text.


Home Learning


Spelling Practise all of the spelling that the children have learnt this term.
Maths –





 Practise halving numbers to 200 on hit the button.

Click on play game and then choose halves.

Timetable Rockstars

Practise 2, 3, 5 and 10 timetables.

Reading Children to write sentences in their reading record about their book.
One World Week Make a flag of Mexican and being it in on Monday to display in the class.




Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

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  1. isabella bruno
    isabella bruno says:

    I really liked the assembly and loved the pictures on the blog. So happy to see everybody tomorrow .Isabella bruno


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