Autumn 1 – Week 3

The children have been working hard during music with Mrs McNamara and have learnt how to position their fingers on the recorder and learnt how to play their first note – B.  In art we have been honing our sketching and observation skills. During English we have been identifying and using persuasive language to write letters and in maths we have revisited ordering and comparing numbers.

In RE this week we have studied the creation story and reflected on how we are called to care for our common home. Well done year three you have really shown resilience and resourcefulness this week.

Home learning:

Spelling week 3 – long a sound, spelt ai 

straight , campaign, contain, brain, faint, waist, claim, praise, complaint and afraid.

Mathletics and activities have also been set.

Reading – please read for 10 minutes daily.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

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