Advent Service 2021 – songs to learn

Please find full lyrics to songs that we are singing in our Advent Service here . Use the videos below to practise them, trying your best to learn the words off by heart.

Wait for the Lord (Until 0:52)

Like a Candle Flame

Growing in Jesus (Until 1:20)

Think of a World Without any Flowers

The Angel Gabriel (Until 2:01)

Beauty for Brokenness (Until 2:32)

Blessed One

O bright Mother of Mercy

So pure and so brave

We honour your virtue

And dignity praise


Every angel salutes you,

The Earth calls you blessed.

We look to you Mother,

For mercy and rest


Ave! Ave! (x3)

Blessed one


God exalted you, daughter,

And called you in time

To offer your womb,

To bring forth the Divine


You were willing to serve

Though you knew not a man

You trusted in God

And said “Yes” to His plan


Ave! Ave! (x3)

Blessed one


Your consent to God’s Spirit

Was fruitful and free

Accepting God’s Son

In a great mystery


For the Lord, you remained ever

Virgin in faith

Delivered from doubt

And assisted by grace


Ave! Ave! (x3)

Blessed one


Now we hail you, O daughter

Of mercy and light

O pray we embrace peace

And good, love and right


You are splendid, enthroned

Above moon, star and Earth

O Queen of the Heavens

Your Son saved the world!


Ave! Ave! (x3)

Blessed one


My Soul Glorifies the Lord

Peace Child

We Are Waiting

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