Year 5 – 17/03/23 – Science Week

This year’s British Science Week theme was Connections, so we spent the week exploring lots of different ways that things are connected in science. We spent much of Monday designing and engineering ‘vehicles’ using forces to send a message. Some pairs increased the air resistance of their vehicle; some engineered ziplines and ramps to take advantage of gravity; some created vehicles with wheels with as little friction as possible. There was so much invention and creativity involved, and we had a lot of fun testing them out!

This afternoon, the children had their final Science Week challenge: Set up a sequence of linked events so that initial movement leads to another then another. They displayed great teamwork and innovation!

We also welcomed parents into the school to hear about how they use science in their professions. Thank you to Naomi and Julia’s mum for speaking to us about mental health, to Christoph’s parents for their session about their jobs as vets, and to Mrs Wilson for showing us a range of reptiles and even a couple of dead tarantulas!

Please continue to practise last week’s spellings, and to revise the song words for The Way of the Cross (link to blog post with lyrics and youtube links can be found here).

Have a lovely weekend and a particularly happy Mothers’ Day! 💐

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