Good Morning Y3,


I hope you had a lovely weekend. Thank you for sending me your May Procession photos last week, I hope you enjoy our virtual procession video.

Here is today’s learning:




Pope Paul Olympics


Pope Paul Home Olympics – please open this link

Home Olympics

or the PowerPoint on the class blog and take part in the daily challenges I have set you for the next two school weeks. Remember to record your scores and have fun.

Spelling/ handwriting 


Copy the 10 spelling  into your handwriting books four times.


Remember to use the guidelines and use my example to check the correct letter formation.


Words with a short /u/ sound spelt with ‘ou’


enough, young, touch, double, trouble,

country, courage, rough, tough, cousin




A Spag.com activity has been set on past and present form (tense).


The past is used to describe things that have already happened (e.g., earlier in the day, yesterday, last week, three years ago).


The present tense is used to describe things that are happening right now, or things that are continuous.


Here is a past and present word mat to support your learning this week Past and Present Tense Verb Mat




Log your 15 minute daily reading in your reading record and list 3 past and three present verbs you identified while reading.


Please complete this tasks online.

Mathletics tasks based on time shape


Open this link to find what polygons are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVe37v1Sfvs


Please email me at year3@popepaul.herts.sch.uk  if you need reminding of your log in and password details.


Digital Imagery



Your photo editing was wonderful last week. This week I would like you to take a ‘Flat Photo’ of yourself surrounded with some of your favourite things or things you have used a lot since being home. You can change the filter, add text or an emoji. I look forward to seeing your creations. Here are some examples to inspire you.

Take care,

Miss Pringle

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