Year 6 – Tuesday 9th June learning

Subject Activity
Prayer Visit and click on ‘Start your retreat’ for a short daily reflection.
PE Miss Pringle has put together a timetable of activities for you to do each day in June, with different levels of challenge. Open it here. You’ll see that there are also tasks and activities to do at the weekend, so do have a go at those too.
Handwriting Visit—aw–to-cont-, go to ‘Spelling Tiles’, then click on the ‘Segment Silhouette’ activity to practise this week’s words.
Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT form algebraic expressions.

Here is the video for today’s maths lesson:

Open the questions here and the answers here.

Wellbeing Week

Tuesday – Be Active (all about enthusiasm, energy and confidence)


Yoga Yoga is amazing for building strength, balance and confidence. Click on this link to try this fun yoga session:
Organise a sports day for your family What events would you like to challenge your family to? You might want to take on your dad in a sprint down the garden or have a go at the classic wheelbarrow race. Perhaps you could give the sack race a try!
Obstacle course Using objects you can find around the house, make an obstacle course in your garden. Blindfold a family member, then see if you can guide them through the obstacle course by giving clear instructions. You could even make it more difficult by giving them a cup of water to pour into a bucket at the end of the course!
Newspaper dance ·         Each player begins standing on a large piece of newspaper.

·         When the music plays, children move off their newspaper and dance around the space.

·         When the music stops, children get back on their newspaper and hold a balance.

·         Each time, reduce the size of the newspaper by folding it.

·         Keep playing until it’s the newspaper’s too small to stand on without touching the floor!

Find three things that are… ·         One person says ‘find three things that are…. blue.’ etc.

·         The other person then has to collect three things that are blue and bring them back to that person.

·         Make this harder by timing the person to see how long it takes them.

·         Other things that could be collected include ‘find three things that are…. spotty, start with the letter ‘C’, round, soft to touch.’

Cereal box challenge ·         Place the cereal box on the floor

·         Pick the cereal box up using only your mouth

·         Nothing but your feet can touch the floor

·         If successful, cut an inch from the top of the cereal box and play the game again

·         How low can you go?