Monday 30th March Learning


Good morning Year 1. I hope you had a good weekend! Here is your learning today.

Have a lovely day.

Remember if you have any questions or would like to show me your learning please email

Mrs Carey


PE Joe Wick’s daily workout live at 9am



Write the short date in your maths book




Can you write or draw on a piece of a paper and send a photo to me of what you do for this activity. Please click on the competition link below. To be completed by Friday 3rd April.


Make a clock with a paper plate or a paper. Write numbers 1 – 12 in the correct positions on the clock. Cut out two hands for the clock. One bigger than the other. Write minutes on the big hand and hours on the little hand. You could colour them a different colour each. Show that when the big hand is pointing at the 12, it is o’clock. Where is the little hand? If it is at 6. Then it is 6 o’clock. Practise reading 1 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 5 o’clock, and 10 o’clock. Now set the times on the clock. 2 o’clock, 4 o’clock. 8’clock.

Here are some examples of clocks to make.

English Adding ed for the past.

Write the following sentences in the past.


“I wish I had a cat” said Flo.

Flo __________she has a cat.


Sam and Bev talk to each other.

Sam and Bev ___________to each other.


I paint a picture every day.

I _______________________________.


I play with my friends.

I ______________________________________.


Extension – Can you write a sentence in the past tense?

Handwriting Practise your spellings for this week – air phoneme with different spellings.

chair, fair, hair, bare, dare, care, scared, bear, pear, wear

Write each spelling four times in your handwriting book. Remember to stay in lines like the examples in your book.

Phonics Read the words water, where, day

Practise spelling when


We can pronounce the letter i different ways when we read and spell words.

i        tin, milk

ie       find, mind, child,

Complete the words on the link in your book or on the sheet. Practise reading them.

monday phonics 

Can you read these sentences?

The child finds a stick.

He reminded me about the stickers.

Reading Read for 10 minutes and talk about what you have read. Record the books you have read in your reading record.

Click My Class login

Username- Popepaul2020

Password- Ilovereading2020

Go to books, ebooks, click on book band and choose your child’s colour. Choose a book. Remember to read the book a few times over the week and talk about the book. Play the activities linked to the books you read.

RE Watch this film

Stop the film after Jesus is placed in the tomb.

Draw a storyboard of the different events in Holy Week. (A picture and a sentence from each day)

Here are some photographs of our caterpillars. They have now formed themselves into chrysalis and have been transferred to their net. Please describe what has happened and what they look like in your caterpillar to butterfly book or your writing book. It’s exciting to see what happens next!