23rd November

This week the children have continued to use their knowledge of their timetables, looked more into the rules of divisibility and have moved onto factors and multiples!  They especially enjoyed completing the NRich game of Factors and Multiples online with their partner so it was lovely to hear the key vocabulary being used during their conversations in class whilst trying to create the longest chain! here is the link if you would like to have a go! https://nrich.maths.org/5468

Solving a factors puzzle as a team.
Working together as a team  “Oh no!  what are the factors!”



This week the children have also finished their recounts as part of our Whole School writing project based on Paul Fleischman’s book  Weslandia. The children put a lot of effort into their editing and handwriting. Well done!

In Science, the children have been introduced to their new topic , electricity. Children have put forward interesting questions to enquire later. They also thought of ways to save electricity. Our Switch off fortnight is well underway and our monitors are taking their responsibility to turn light off very seriously.

Also this week, the class have had the opportunity to work with Mr Cowan, our trainee teacher to lead us in our PE lesson of dribbling this week. The children enjoyed this session very much.


Have a lovely weekend.



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