Good Morning Y3,

Here is today’s learning.

Spelling/ handwriting 



Play some of these ary spelling games https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-365.htm


Project about a topic of your choice

Edit and continue with the project you started Monday – I can’t wait to read these.


Remember to include subheadings, interesting facts, drawings or photos and technical language (and a glossary to explain these words if needed).


Previously you have learnt about pronouns so please try to include these in this project to avoid using the same noun in our writing.




Follow this link to listen to David Walliams read you one of his stories.


Read with an adult for 15 minutes and Log the book and date in your reading record.



Miss Pringle’s daily fluency


I have put together daily PowerPoints for maths this week. Please read through them and write the answers in your maths books – I will post all of the answers on Friday so you can self mark (sm).

Thursday maths week 1




Digital Imagery


Take a photo of yourself or an object (on a phone or tablet is easiest) and with adult supervision edit the image. You might choose to crop it, add text or animation or change the filter. Ensure you save your original image so that you can see your enhancements. I would love to see some of them.

Here is my example;

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