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We were honoured to be visited by two lead scientists from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) this week, who explained how they research, develop and test drugs. We investigated the effects of performance enhancing drugs on Olympic athletes and how they are tested.

Over the past three weeks in gymnastics, we have been working in groups to create routines that include various roll and counter balances. Tokyo here we come!

The children have also been using their mental maths skills to play multiplication and division games and have shared their story writing ideas.

In our topic lessons we have learnt about the Sutton Hoo excavation in 1939 and how the Anglo Saxons defended their settlements. We have made Sutton Hoo helmets, which I am sure you will agree look very authentic.
We have also been preparing for Advent by learning about the Jesse Tree and its significance.

Thank you for the generous hamper and chocolate donations for the Christmas Fayre.

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