Year 5 – 30/06/23

The main causes for excitement this week were Sports Day on Wednesday, and Mini Police yesterday.

The children showed brilliant sportsmanship in the Sports Day events: they made sure they tried their best, they cheered their housemates on, and above all they had fun. Well done to all of you!

Yesterday, we had our third Mini Police session. We learnt about road safety, then about the different items PCSOs and police officers carry in their vests. The most exciting part, though, was being able to sit in the police cars and hold/pose with the police equipment!

Maths Mathletics assignments:

·         Measure and calculate perimeter

·         Area of rectangles

Reading 5 tests on Readtheory OR a daily updating of your reading record.
Spelling Log on to Spelling Shed using your EdShed login, and play a variety of games to practise this week’s spelling rule: Words from the Year 5 & 6 Statutory Spelling List












Have a lovely long weekend and I’ll see you all on Tuesday!

Miss Donatantonio

Friday 30th June

Well, another week flying by! The highlights for this week were:  Sports Day and showing our production to our reading partners!!  Our  RE Diocesan Advisor for the school visited us today and he spoke with members of the class.  The children chatted about the impact of their leadership roles this year.


The Red House teams ‘lap of honour’.

The Sports Captains set up the Water Hydration station and many children enjoyed the pleasure of strawberry flavoured water.


Home learning:

Children to revisit the songs of the production and remember the dance routines.  Click here for the pdf of all song links etc..

Research Nelson Mandela.  Nelson Mandela has one of the most inspirational and interesting life stories. In RE we have been learning about Christian Beliefs and we would like the children to understand how faith was an important influence on Nelson Mandela’s life choices. Please bring into school on Wednesday morning to share with the rest of the class.

See you next Wednesday evening!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines



Reception Week Beginning 26.6.23

Another busy week has flown by!

This week, the children have been researching lots about spiders and learning about their habitats and the many different ways that they catch their prey. The class enjoyed listening to the story Aaaarrgghh Spider! by Lydia Monks. You can hear the story here:

Reception discussed whether or not a spider would make a good pet and thought about the things that they are frightened of.

The highlight of the week for Reception was their first ever Sports Day. The children were absolutely fantastic, showing great support towards one another, excellent behaviour and wonderful listening skills. Their teachers were very proud of them!

Inspired by the different events from the day, many of the children have been making up their own sports activities for their friends to complete ever since. A particular favourite has been creating different obstacle courses.

Today we were treated to a sneak preview of the Year 6 end of year production and it was absolutely fantastic!! No photos, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise for the Year 6 parents and rest of the school!

Next week, we are really looking forward to our trip to London Zoo. Please remember to pack a water bottle, provide a sun hat and apply sun cream to keep your child safe from the sun. Every child will need a back pack to carry their own water bottle and lunch (even if they are having a school packed lunch).

Finally, don’t forget that there is a school INSET day on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team

Summer 2 Week 4

In Maths, the children have been practising telling the me. We have focused on how many minutes to the next hour. Telling the time is an important skill for children to learn so please practise telling the time at home.

In English, we have been looking at adverts and identifying the different types of language they use to persuade people to buy their product. We have looked at how adverts make you feel and how these feelings help to persuade you to buy or do something.

On Wednesday, we had sports day. The children were fantastic and demonstrated excellent teamwork skills. It was lovely to see so many parents supporting their children. Well done to St Louise who were the overall winners.

In Science, we have been learning about the function of leaves. The children were asked “Do leaves evaporate water?” Then they discussed and planned how they would find out the answer to the question. They decided to put a plastic bag around a leaf and observe whether the bag collects water. We also planted sweetcorn and watered the gardens.

In Religion, the children have been excited to tell the class about their research about Nelson Mandela that they did at home. Then we discussed how his beliefs in God would have impacted on what he did. Then we thought about how we could be like Nelson Mandela.

Home Learning

Spellings – Test on Thursday Ed shed – freight, hourly, missed, suppose, plaque, descend, grotesque, automatically, daily, scented


Please practise telling the time.

Start with o’clock, then half past, then quarter past and quarter to and then 5 minute intervals.

Complete the activities



Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Carey

Friday, 30th June 2023

Another busy week for the children in Year 4. On Monday and Tuesday, the class completed their last narrative, based on our class book Stitch Head. Their alternative endings are very entertaining; it has been a pleasure reading their imaginative stories.

On Wednesday, Year 4 took part in Sports Day, where they demonstrated real team spirit.

On Thursday, we celebrated Mass in Church focusing on two important saints, Peter and Paul.

In Science, the children learnt about the different vertebrate groups and sorted interesting animals accordingly.

In RE, the class has learnt about Nelson Mandela and linked his legacy to their understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Next week Thursday is our class trip. Please make sure you give consent on School Comms and order a school packed lunch (if needed) in advance. Since we will be walking quite a lot and use clipboards throughout our visit, please may I ask that you put packed lunches, water bottles and sun hats into a small backpack, allowing the children to have their hands free. Thank you for you support with that.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see below your Home Learning

Home Learning Due in by Tuesday, 4th July 2023
Spelling Words that are plurals with possessive


Please complete 2 activities and update reading logs.

Study Ladder

Complete the revision activities in your assigned pod.



Summer 2 Week 4 w.b. 26.06.2023


This week we discussed how the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed and how it is a place we feel safe and loved. We also watered and looked after the seeds we planted.



In Maths we have started to look at the names and properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes. We looked at what a mathematical shape is and then sorted them into two groups of open and closed shapes.


This week we have developed our understanding of what a noun is and how we can use these words to label a bat. We also discussed how we write about real-life things, that we need to make sure the words we use are to help people learn about the facts and not sound too much like a story.



We are currently focusing on grouping data. This week we discussed that objects have many different labels that can be used to put them into groups. We named different objects and experimented placing them into different groups, we also discussed that some objects can fit onto more than one.


Sports Day!

Well done to all of the children for taking part on Wednesday. You all tried your best, had lots of fun and were amazing to watch!

Well done red team!


Music Concert

Well done to Year 1&2 for your wonderful concert this afternoon. All the children sang and played their instruments beautifully.


Home Learning

Handwriting sheet

Mathletics – complete activities set.


Have a lovely weekend, see you on Tuesday.

Mrs Poyiadzis

Summer 2 Week 4

In Maths this week, the children have been practising reading scales on different jugs and thermometers.

In English, they have been researching Queen Bees and writing descriptive paragraphs about these wonderful creatures.

The children demonstrated excellent teamwork and skill during Sports Day on Wednesday and loved having your support.  Well done to St Louise who were the overall winners.

In Science, the children have been investigating how important water, sunlight, warmth and soil are for plants, whilst in Religion, they have learnt about the Kingdom of God and reflected on how they can create this on earth through their actions and words.

It was wonderful to hear the singers, violinists, cellists and pianists perform in the KS1 concert – everyone sounded fantastic!

Home Learning

Spelling ‘se’

house, mouse, grease, crease, horse, purse, please, cheese.

Religion Make a poster about Nelson Mandela – draw a picture and write some facts about him (on A4 paper and in pencil please).Please end it in on Tuesday 4th July. 


Have a great weekend

Miss Pringle

Year 6 Production

Click here for the music links



Year 5 – 23/06/23

This has been a special week for Year 5, as we had a class pilgrimage to Aylesford Priory on Wednesday. We were given a tour of the beautiful grounds by Father Jed, one of the five Carmelite Friars that live at the Priory, then had Mass, followed by a picnic lunch on the field. We ended the day with a leadership workshop whereby we thought about the qualities of our house saints and how these qualities could feed into the Y6 leadership roles next year. Thank you to Fr Shaun for organising the trip and for accompanying us along with Lorcan and Miss Hilton.

This afternoon, we continued our Science topic on Earth and Space by modelling the solar system using different fruits to show their relative sizes and distances from the Sun. Here are the fruits (and peppercorn) that we used:

  • Mercury – peppercorn
  • Venus – cherry tomato
  • Earth – cherry tomato
  • Mars – blueberry
  • Jupiter – watermelon
  • Saturn – grapefruit
  • Uranus – orange
  • Neptune – apple

Home learning for this week:

Maths Mathletics assignments:

·         Perimeter of shapes

·         Perimeter: Squares and rectangles

SPaG assignment:

·         Relative clauses

Reading 5 tests on Readtheory OR a daily updating of your reading record.
Spelling Log on to Spelling Shed using your EdShed login, and play a variety of games to practise this week’s spelling rule: Words from the Year 5 & 6 Statutory Spelling List












Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss D

Summer 2 Week 3

In English, the children continued their adventure stories. They edited them and wrote their stories neatly for the class display. All of the stories are exciting to read and I was impressed with the children’s vocabulary.

In Maths, we have been comparing and ordering decimal numbers. The children have been regrouping to make a decimal number in a variety of ways.

In Science, the children have been learning about the role of a stem and how it transports water to the flower. The children planned an investigation to prove that this happens. They added red food colouring to water and put a mark on the cup to see if the water level would go down. We observed the changes over a few days and found that the stem does transport water to the flower because the flower turned red.

In History, we began our topic on Egyptians. We started thinking about what we already know about the Egyptians and learnt the meaning of the key vocabulary. Then we made a timeline of events.

In PE, we have been practising Sports Day races. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 28th June for Sports Day. Children must have a sunhat and a bottle of water.


Home Learning

Spellings Complete activities on edshed

pleasure, island, dislocate, disadvantage, decide, survey, exactly, bravely, ordinary, promise


Religion Make a poster about Nelson Mandela – draw a picture and write some facts about him

Send it in by Tuesday 27th June

Ready Theory Complete two activities.


 Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey