Autumn 2, Week 4


We have been very busy in R.E.  this week, preparing  for Advent. Our prayer table has changed to purple and we have made Advent wreath pictures, Advent promises and a class Advent calendar, where behind each window is a prayer written by the children. We have also been practising our reading, acting and songs for the Nativity play.

I have been impressed with the children’s use of conjunctions in their writing this week.

In Maths, we have been rebalancing calculations to make them easier, for example; 9 + 7 = 10 + 6 and 11 + 7 = 10 + 8.

The children have also been developing their mathematical explanations and strategies.

In PE, we have learnt the different karate blocks, while in tag rugby we have begun passing and small sided tag games.

Miss Pringle

Home Learning

Learn readings and songs for the Nativity play. The Story of Christmas- songs

Song words attached –



Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Pringle

Reception Week Beginning 22.11.21

This week, Reception have been very busy rehearsing for their upcoming Nativity performance and have had lots of fun practising on the stage in the big hall.

The children have now all been allocated parts. The school will provide a costume for your child, but we will be asking parents to supply the undergarments that will need to be worn. Please look out for a letter in your child’s book bag next week; this will explain what they will need to bring in. Thank you!

In class, Reception have continued their topic of ‘The Wider World’ by learning about the Jewish Festival of Light- Hanukkah.

They children learnt about the story of Hanukkah, when Judah Maccabee led a tiny army against the huge Syrian army and defeated them. They also learnt about how the Jews believed that God sent  a miracle, when one day’s oil burned for eight whole days and they were able to rebuild the beautiful temple in Jerusalem.

Reception then went on to create their own temples from small construction. They also made Torahs and menorahs, played the Jewish game Dreidel and made armour for the Maccabee army!

The children also used torches to explore shadows. They made shadow puppets and enjoyed trying them out with the strong light from the projector.

After hearing the stories ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’, and ‘Can’t You Sleep Little Bear’, the children spent time thinking and talking about the things that sometimes scare them and what helps them to feel better when they are frightened.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Take care in the predicted high winds!

The Reception Team

Year 6 – 26/11/21

Year 6 were lucky enough to welcome a scientist into the classroom this week to help us in our learning about refraction of light. Dr Alan from University College London showed us what happens when a prism refracts light; we were all amazed to see rainbows projected onto the ceiling and around the room! This helped us to understand that white light contains all the colours of the rainbow, but this spectrum is only visible when the light bends (refracts) through a transparent object such as a prism and the different wavelengths of each colour mean that the colours separate slightly. So it seemed very fitting that this morning when the rain came at break time, they were able to explain that the raindrops were acting as prisms and refracting the sunlight that was shining through them!

The children then tried this out for themselves by creating a rainbow discs which, when spun extremely quickly, merge to appear white!

Your home learning for this week is to learn the songs for the Advent Service and your own parts. You can find lyrics and YouTube links to songs here.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Donatantonio

Autumn 2 Week 4

Another busy week in Year 3.

In Religion, we made a class Advent calendar. Behind each door is a prayer written by the children. The children painted pictures after reading the story of Mary visiting Elizabeth and they wrote their own litany. We have been practising our songs for the Advent service.  Children’s readings have been sent home so please practise them.

In Science, we planned and did an investigation to find out the best surface to move a plastic tub across. The children predicted, observed and recorded their results.

I have been impressed with the children’s newspaper reports this week. They have written their first two paragraphs using speech, conjunctions and prepositions. I look forward to reading their final reports.

In Maths, we have been explaining how some number facts can help us to solve others. The children have been developing their explaining and reasoning skills.

In History, we have continued our learning on Stone Age. The children used a picture and a story to describe what they have learn from it.

In PE, we took part in karate and building our skills for tag rugby.

Thank you to all the parents that supported their children making the rainforests, the class looks fantastic! If your child has not made one, please complete as we would like to add a photo to their topic books.

Home Learning

Learn readings and songs for the Advent service. Song words attached – Advent Service 2021 – lyric sheet

Spellings – taller, smaller, rougher, smoother, fitter, hotter, bigger, madder, angrier, earlier, hairier, dirtier

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Carey

Week 11 w.b 22.11.21

This week Year 1 continued their learning on the season on Advent and on Friday they worked well to prepare the prayer space to mark the change in Liturgical season.

In Religion they learnt about the Advent Wreath and how the candles help us countdown to Jesus’ birth.


Year 1 drew and collaged their own Advent Wreaths to support their understanding of the 4 weeks of Advent.


Year 1 worked really hard as a team to come up with lots of different Advent promises before writing their chosen one onto a star and presenting it at assembly.

In our art topic on ‘exploring colour’ the children had a chance to apply their skills in modelling clay into concentric circles based on the work of Wassily Kandinsky. The clay will take some time to dry before the children can apply their paint colours.

Year 1 also showed their amazing scissor skills to cut concentric circles to make a tile to add to our whole class display which is inspired by Kandinsky.

To support the children’s science learning on animals we had a visit from a vet, Dr. Barbara, who spoke to the children about her role and they were very enthusiastic in their questioning.

Nativity Preparations

  • All children in Year 1 are narrators in our Nativity.
    Please may all children bring a smart/ party outfit into school in a named bag from Monday 6th December so we can use them for the dress rehearsal before the play. It’s important that the children are confident in changing in and out of their outfit independently.
  • Your child has their Christmas play lines in their reading record to learn.
  • Please see the latest newsletter for Nativity dates and timings.

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss Lambie


Home learning

  • Your child’s tricky words quiz has been sent home today. Please revise the unfamiliar words before writing the words in sentences and completing the word search.
  • Thank you in support the children’s learning on adjectives by completing the home learning. Year 1 continued learning about how adjectives can add extra information to writing and adjectives make it more interesting for a reader. Please encourage your children to spot adjectives in their home school reading book or any other books you read over the weekend.

Friday, 26th November 2021

The children in Year 4 had a really busy week. In Maths, they have moved on to formal written methods for addition and subtraction, whilst in English, they further consolidated their understanding of speech punctuation and learnt about the use of prepositions. Next week, they are going to plan and later write their first big story based on the lovely artwork they completed as their Home Learning, describing their ‘Place Between’.

In Science, they learnt about what sound is and how it travels through different media to reach the ear. They carried out several practical enquiries like talking through balloons or listening to the sound of tuning forks as well as putting them in water or using them with table tennis balls to make vibration visible. The children really enjoyed these investigations and created some excellent diagrams about their observations.

In D&T, the class moved on to their third prototype, the ‘moving dragon’. They are getting better each time at measuring accurately, making design decisions or evaluating and changing their mechanisms. Can’t wait for their final project.

In RE, they looked at Luke’s Nativity in depth and written fact files about it, whilst in karate they moved on to punches. In History they started looking at the reasons behind the Roman invasion of Britain using iPads for research.

The children also wrote their Advent promises and displayed them in the hall during a special Advent assembly, beyond receiving parts for the upcoming Ks2 Advent Service. We will be walking down to the church next week to practice our part as well as going through our new hymns. So far, beautiful singing therefore I am sure the service will be wonderful.

Have a lovely and safe weekend,

Ms Varga

Your Home Learning this week :

Spelling Please log onto Spelling Frame and spend some time practicing this week’s spelling words before you test yourself on them.

Spelling Rule 9 – Words with endings sounding like /ʒə/ or /tʃə/ (e.g. adventure, creature… etc.)

Multiplication Please log onto Maths Chase and spend some time practicing your mixed multiplication facts.

Reading Please carry on reading over the weekend, and make sure you update your log with relevant details about the books you are reading. Please be prepared to present your reading records on Wednesday.
Advent Service Please practice reading your lines over the weekend, thinking about expression and pace. Also start learning your lyrics for the new hymns as we will have separate hymn practices as well.
Science Just a reminder that you still have approximately 2 weeks to complete your musical instruments for your Science lesson. Thank you for those of you, who already brought them in.

Friday 26th November, 2021

Another busy week this week in Year 5 !

The children have been busy writing up their World Explorer leaflets either on the Polar Region or The Jungle!  They have planned the content for their text and have worked hard to engage the reader using hooks.  Today, the class looked at each other’s leaflets and they were all so complimentary in their feedback:

Elle said that Gabriela’s leaflet was, “very interesting with lots of interesting words to hook me into reading on.”

Vihaan enjoyed reading Ti’s leaflet as , “he has explained lots about what to expect in the jungle.”

Ela-Maria also added that she enjoyed reading Arthur’s leaflet..”I like his introduction as he describes what I might face in the polar region!”

In Karate with Michael this week, we learnt punches, blocks and stances.  The children played “Sensei says” and unfortunately Michael tricked quite a lot of the class!!

In Maths the children have continued their learning about factors and multiples and created factor beetles to aid their understanding.

In RE the children have started to prepare  a Liturgy of the Word using the Advent Readings for this liturgical year.  These liturgies will be based on the second, third and fourth week of Advent.

As the Advent Service is approaching, the children have been given their words/actions etc.. and have been learning the new songs for the service during singing practise.  Please make sure that you have Wednesday 8th December set aside in your diary!  It will be a lovely, prayerful experience.

Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara

Home Learning: 

  1.  Learning words and songs for the Advent Service.  Click here for the lyrics to the songs.
  2.  Please also remember to hand in your Anglo-Saxon and Viking Research by next Wednesday
  3.  A gentle reminder regarding the FOPPS Christmas Card Competition.  Please hand in entries next week.

Advent Service 2021 – songs to learn

Please find full lyrics to songs that we are singing in our Advent Service here . Use the videos below to practise them, trying your best to learn the words off by heart.

Wait for the Lord (Until 0:52)

Like a Candle Flame

Growing in Jesus (Until 1:20)

Think of a World Without any Flowers

The Angel Gabriel (Until 2:01)

Beauty for Brokenness (Until 2:32)

Blessed One

O bright Mother of Mercy

So pure and so brave

We honour your virtue

And dignity praise


Every angel salutes you,

The Earth calls you blessed.

We look to you Mother,

For mercy and rest


Ave! Ave! (x3)

Blessed one


God exalted you, daughter,

And called you in time

To offer your womb,

To bring forth the Divine


You were willing to serve

Though you knew not a man

You trusted in God

And said “Yes” to His plan


Ave! Ave! (x3)

Blessed one


Your consent to God’s Spirit

Was fruitful and free

Accepting God’s Son

In a great mystery


For the Lord, you remained ever

Virgin in faith

Delivered from doubt

And assisted by grace


Ave! Ave! (x3)

Blessed one


Now we hail you, O daughter

Of mercy and light

O pray we embrace peace

And good, love and right


You are splendid, enthroned

Above moon, star and Earth

O Queen of the Heavens

Your Son saved the world!


Ave! Ave! (x3)

Blessed one


My Soul Glorifies the Lord

Peace Child

We Are Waiting

Year 6 – 19/11/21

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week, in which Year 6 have thought not just about what constitutes bullying and how it feels to be on the receiving end of bullying, but also the potential factors that play into someone choosing to bully in the first place. Additionally, it was interesting to learn that there are several roles in a bullying scenario: the ringleader, their assistant, the reinforcers, the bystanders, the victim and the defender. We thought about how we could be the defender instead of the bystander, and the children role-played different scenarios and made comic strips to show this.

In RE, the children worked in groups to plan their own liturgies based on the Advent Gospel readings; they will use these to lead class acts of worship in the relevant weeks leading up to Christmas.

In Art, we continued to build on our skill of using tonal shading when drawing to create dimension and perspective, whilst in Science, we continued learning about light, this week focusing on refraction. We investigated what happens when we look at an arrow through a glass of water; have a go at home!

We had our second karate session on Wednesday, in which we learnt how to block punches.

The Sports Captains have started leading games at lunchtimes this week with other classes and have been doing a wonderful job. Thank you to Miss Pringle for meeting with them and helping to set this up.

Here is your home learning, due next Wednesday:

Maths Mathletics assignments:

·        Multiply up to a 4-digit number by 2-digit number

Reading Completion of 5 passages on ReadTheory
Spelling To be tested: 26/12/21













I gave you Spelling Frame logins last week – please explore and make use of this resource when practising your weekly spellings. This week’s list is Spelling Rule 39 on the site.

Other than that, enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you all for another week of learning on Monday!

Miss Donatantonio 🙂

Reception Week Beginning 15.11.21

This week, Reception have joined the rest of the school in Anti-Bullying Week, focussing in particular on the themes of friendship, being kind and what to do if someone is being mean or they hurt you.

Reception started the week listening to the story of The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. This classic story embodies the simple message that sharing and being kind makes us all happy. In the book, a beautiful but selfish fish quickly lost friends when he refused to share and was  rude to other fish in the ocean. Luckily, by the end of the story he had gained them all back again, as a result of acting on some good advice and sharing his sparkling scales. In response to this, the children made their own beautiful scales and gave them away to their friends.

The children also used props from around the classroom along with the under-the-sea small world animals, to set up an ocean scene and re-enact the story of The Rainbow Fish.

Other activities focussing on friendship this week included: Making friendship bracelets for one another, writing cards, painting hands of friendship and thinking about who our special friends are and why they are good friends.

In Maths this week, the children have been subitising objects to 5 and exploring the composition of 5 on a five frame. Not only did the children find multiple ways to make 5, many also recorded their learning independently and some children even had a go at writing number sentences!!! Amazing learning!

Next week, the children will be learning about the Jewish Festival of Light- Hanukkah.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team