Reception Week Beginning 21.6.21

Superworm is super-long.

Superworm is super-strong

Watch him wiggle! See him squirm!

Hip, hip, hooray for SUPERWORM!

This week, Reception have been learning about worms and what better book focus to have than Julia Donaldson’s Superworm! The children have been very busy creating plans to rescue Superworm from the evil clutches of Wizard Lizard and making traps to catch the villain and put an end to his menacing ways. Reception also had fun thinking about other things Superworm could do with his long stretchy body.

Throughout the week, the class have also been finding out facts about worms. Did you know that a worm has tiny hairs that they use to pull themselves through the soil? The children have been busy writing interesting questions about worms and also sharing what they know already. All this information came in handy on Wednesday when the class finally got to make their own wormeries. These will be coming home on Monday; please don’t put the lids back on the boxes otherwise they won’t be able to breathe. Thank you for supplying your child with a box this week. Thank you also to the parents who were able to send in some tights; the children had lots of fun turning them into super worms!

The children have continued their obsession with snails this week;  it has been perfect snail finding weather! They have now made a little snail world in one of the Tufty trays in the Reception garden- come and have a look!

On Thursday, the butterflies finally emerged! They will need a few days in their enclosure and will be released on Monday.

Thank you to all of the parents who helped Reception Class participate in today’s Blessed Sacrament Procession with the rest of the school. The children were absolutely fantastic- so reverent and respectful. The adults were so proud of them. What wonderful ambassadors for our school!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team



Friday, 24th June 2021


Year 4 has had a great week filled with opportunities to design, investigate and actively participate!

In Science, they have planned and carried out an investigation, building on their existing skills of fair testing to find out how fast different liquids move. They thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands ‘dirty’ and completed learning of great quality.

In PE, they enjoyed yet another fantastic session with Coach Ben, putting their bowling and batting skills in practice playing continuous cricket. What runs!

In English, we carried on with our Stitch Head narrative and worked on our descriptions.

In computing, the children continued designing their Scratch projects whilst during drumming, we learnt the second pattern of our West African song.

We also introduced our last History unit of the year, the Tudors. Children knew a lot already and enjoyed learning about the details of the War of the Roses.

On Friday, the children joined Fr. Shaun, parents and the Church community to take part in the Blessed Sacrament procession. Thank you Fr. Shaun for the lollies, it was a lovely occasion.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms Varga and Mrs. McNamara

Please see your Home Learning bellow:

Please log onto Spelling Frame and practice your spelling words before testing yourself. Also take the time, to complete 2 activities on Read Theory and practice your multiplication and division mixed facts on Hit the Button.—sep–to-su-

In the next 2 weeks, I would also like you to complete a Project Based Research to support our History unit of the Tudors.

Please create a non-chronological report using all features of the genre (heading, sub-heading, paragraphs, bullet points, diagrams, labels, captions, maps, keys) to present information on one or more of these areas:

  • Food and drinks in the Tudor times
  • Fashion
  • Tudor weapons and jewellery
  • Free time in the Tudor era
  • Schooling

These links might be useful (please ensure you use them with adult supervision as some of them contain adverts)

Please be prepared to present your learning, either hand written, printed or on a pen drive by Monday, 12th July 2021.

Enjoy your research!


Year 2 Blog 25-06-2021

We have launched into our new unit in Science – Living Things and their Habitats. The children had great fun exploring the different micro-habitats in our outdoor areas. The children learnt the difference between things that are alive, things that are dead and things that have never been alive.  They recorded their answers with beautiful pictures and labels.

What is a food chain? A food chain is a way of showing how plants and animals get their energy. Usually, they start with a producer. This is something like a plant that makes its own energy from sunlight. The steps after this are consumers. They get energy by eating the organism that comes before them in the chain. There were plenty of ‘army ants’ in Year 2, working together to create different food chains.

We put the finishing touches to our Religion display in our classroom. Everyone wrote a beautiful retelling of Jesus calling the four fishermen.

We ended the week with a special Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The children showed great reverence and were fantastic witnesses to our faith.

Have a peaceful weekend,

Miss Davey

Home Learning:

Studyladder: Maths – Place Value revision

English Spellings: Theme based spellings – Numbers

In our RSE lesson we talked about Physical Contact. Click the link below if you would like more information.

Week 10

Another busy week in Year 1. In Maths we have been sharing equally using manipulatives and drawing pictures. Then the children solved problems involving division.

In RE we have been learning about how we can be a follower of Jesus in class, in school, at home and in the community.

Some different looking fruits were in our curiosity cube so the children observed closely and predicted what they thought they were. Children can research different fruits to see if the can find the name of the fruits we have in class.

In Geography and English, we have been describing beaches and making lists of the things we do at the beach. The children then imagined they were at a seaside in Devon and wrote a postcard to describe it.

On Friday, the children were excellent when walking to the church in the procession. I was proud of them all. Thank you to the parents who helped.


Home Learning


Research Skills

Can you find pictures of these fruits and write their names?

Find different leaves, stick them to some paper then compare the leaves to pictures and find the name of the tree they come from.



Have a lovely weekend.



Mrs Carey

Summer 2 Week 3

Another week in Year 5 has flown by. In science, we have been exploring thermal insulators and conductors. We ran an investigation into which material would keep water the warmest and discovered tin foil was the best. In English, we have been busy writing our own adventure for Greek King, Odysseus. We fill finish these next week and I am looking forward to the final result. Our maths learning has focussed around units of measure and we have been using our knowledge of fractions to find halves, quarters, three quarters and tenths of measures such as a kilogram. We continued our cricket sessions on Wednesday by playing a game of continuous cricket.  There was much excitement earlier that morning when an air ambulance landed in the field next to us. The crew gave us a wave as they took off and landed!

Today we took part in the Blessed Sacrament procession. It was a wonderful chance for us to act as witnesses to our faith. Luckily the weather brightened up so we could enjoy our ice lollies at the church.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend


Mrs Lines


Home Learning:


Spellings week 4

Study ladder


Summer 2 Week 3

The children had great fun in Science this week, exploring the different magnetic forces and performing magnetic playscripts that they had written.

We have played continuous cricket in P.E. –  developing our batting and fielding skills. I have been very impressed by the Egyptian projects the children have completed – thank you for your continued support at home. We have used these projects and other secondary sources in History to learn out about pharaohs and the importance of the river Nile.

There was much excitement on Wednesday in school, when a helicopter ambulance landing in the filed next to our school – this sparked many conversations about forces used to fly and emergency services. We ended the week with a special Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The children showed great reverence and were fantastic witnesses to our faith.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home Learning:

Studyladder mental maths activities have been set.

Spelling: le endings are a focus for our class




Reception Week Beginning 18.6.21

This week has absolutely flown by; a little bit like the main character in our focus story, The Bad-Tempered Ladybird!

This story centres on a bad-tempered ladybird who picks fights with every animal that it meets, but who eventually learns the importance of friends. In English, the class  found out lots of alternative words to ‘bad-tempered’ and came up with a long list: cranky, moody, miserable, cross, angry, mad, fed up, stroppy, moany. They also thought about what makes them feel bad-tempered and what helps to make them feel happy again.

It has been so wonderful to spend the days outside in the Reception garden. The children have had lots of fun finding ways to keep themselves cool too! They have also been keeping a close eye on the caterpillars, who since last week have all spun themselves a chrysalis and are very busy changing into butterflies! The caterpillars/butterflies have also all been given names and the children can’t wait to see them emerge next week.

In RE, the children have been learning about the story of The Good Samaritan. To bring the story to life, they acted it out in small groups, before sharing their drama skills with the rest of the class.

In Maths, Reception have been learning how to double numbers and have participated in lots of practical activities. They also made watches and clocks inspired by the clock in the The Bad-Tempered Ladybird book.

Well done children, for the wonderful European flags you made last weekend. They look beautiful displayed around the classroom.

Next week, we will be learning about worms and other creatures that live under the ground. If possible, could you please provide your child with a spare transparent container, for them to make a mini wormery. Also, if you have some old tan tights that you no longer need, please send these in too.

Thank you!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team

Year 2 Blog 18-06-2021

What a lovely week of learning it has been! We enjoyed our tennis and cricket sessions in the glorious sunshine.  In Science, the children investigated different habitats in our school gardens and observed the humble earthworm. It was a wriggly good time!

In Religion, , we have been learning about the story ‘Jesus calls the first disciples.’ The children role-played the story and created some beautiful fish for a display in our sacred place in the classroom.

In our RSE lesson we talked about good and bad secrets. Click the link below if you would like more information.

Home Learning:


Maths: Multiplication arrays

Spellings: 300 High Frequency Words

Have a lovely weekend. Happy Father’s Day.

Miss Davey


Summer 2 Week 2

This week has once again been very busy.  We have used secondary sources in History to research the Ancient Egyptians and created a timeline of key events. We have also begun to paint our canopic jars – next week we will add hieroglyphics.

Image preview

In PE we have learnt the difference between bowling and throwing in cricket – we have some talented bowlers in our class. During Science we have investigated and explored the strength of different magnetic forces and what magnets can be used for in everyday life.

Image preview

We have also visited the local pond as part of wellbeing. The children observed many different creatures and plants on the walk  including, Wheat, Buttercups, Red Kites, Dragonflies, ladybirds and spiders.

Image preview

Image preview

We have been learning about discipleship in RE and identifying people in our community who show discipleship qualities.

Image preview

I have also been impressed with the children’s maths learning as they have been dividing 100 into equal groups of 2, 4, 5 and 10 and also used whole part models to regroup 100 in different ways.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Home Learning

Please continue with your Ancient Egyptian Projects, which are due in next Wednesday.

Read to an adult and record your reading in your record.

Spelling – linked to our English

  • Cinderella
  • Egyptian
  • Pharaoh
  • palace
  • animals
  • servant
  • different
  • master




Week 9

In Maths, we have continued to read the time and solve problems with time. We have been learning about seconds, minutes and hours and choosing activities that take different amounts of time.

In English we have continued to write instructions and look at the features of good instructions.

In Science we observed how cress has changed overtime and described what helped it to grow. We also learn the names of wild flowers that we see when we go for walks. we collected some flowers to answer the question ‘How many colour petals are in the playground?’

We also looked a pictures of eggs of the animals that the children predicted and we found out that the egg found in our playground was an ostrich egg. Well done to the parents and children who predicted correctly.

In Religion, children retold the story of Jesus calling his disciples and the children made a wonderful display to retell the story.

In our RSE lesson we talked about good and bad secrets. Follow the link below if you would like more information.


Home Learning

Some parents have said that you are unable to move the hands on clocks when using an iPad. If you are unable to complete last week’s task, please do not worry.

Mathlectics and studyladder

If you have volunteered to attend the seaside trip, I will let you know if you are needed next week.

Mrs Carey