Summer 1 Week 3

Year 5 have worked incredibly hard this week. In maths, they have continued to work on fractions by adding and subtracting them and converting the answer from improper fractions to mixed numbers. In English we have thought about how to show the emotion of a character without telling their audience how they feel. We have also planned our writing which we will start next week. Our science learning on forces has continued by exploring friction.

On Thursday, we had a visiting cricket coach. The children took part with great enthusiasm.

Have a wonderful long weekend. I look forward to seeing the children in their summer uniforms on Tuesday 4th.


Mrs Lines


Home Learning:


Science whole school home learning- see school newspaper.

Year 6 – 30/04/21

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this week. In Maths, they took a set of test papers (1x arithmetic plus 2x reasoning papers) and showed great stamina and focus in these. In English, they have explored writing tools that evoke fear in the reader; next week, they will plan, draft and edit their own tale of fear. In RE, the children rose to the challenge of writing essays about people’s different reactions to Jesus’ resurrection and what we can learn from this.

In Science, the children became palaeontologists and studied a selection of fossils, trying to work out what organism the fossil once was. They learned about the process by which the remains of an organism becomes a fossil and is eventually uncovered hundreds of millions of years later.

In Geography with Mrs McDonald, Year 6 continued to learn about Britain’s national parks, whilst in Wellbeing, we had our second session in the 10-week Positive Minds programme led by Watford FC. The programme explores mental health and will prepare them for moving to secondary school later this year.

In PE, we continued with our striking and fielding topic, this week benefitting from a cricket lesson taught by James from Chance to Shine – a national charity that raises the profile of cricket in schools and communities. The children loved the lesson which allowed them to further practise their catching and throwing, as well as using a cricket bat. Thank you Miss Pringle for organising this.

Finally, the children ended the week with their Reception learning partners. They asked them a few questions to get to know them, then kicked the ball to each other. Some Receptions really gave their Y6 partners a run for their money with their kicking skills!

For next week’s science lesson, please could you bring in a photo (or email it to me or bring in a USB) of you with your family, so that we can look at resemblance and inherited characteristics.

Enjoy the long weekend, and see you on Tuesday in your summer uniforms!

Miss Donatantonio

Reception Week Beginning 26/4/21

This week, Reception class have been learning all about the story of St George and the Dragon.

The children had lots of fun acting out the story using props that they had made. They also enjoyed story building with the small world knights and dragons set, painting and making 3D dragons and thinking of lots of interesting words when writing about them. In English, the children wrote about how they would defeat the dragon. There were so many fantastic ideas such as, building a trap in the ground, making friends with it and catching it and pinning it down onto the ground in a net! The children are all really keen to write, as their confidence in their own ability grows!

In Maths, the children have been learning how to recognise, build and practically partition numbers 11,12 and 13 and they have been trying hard to learn the number that comes before and after it on a number line.

Today Reception got to spend time outdoors with their reading partners. They began by asking each other lots of questions and finished by playing football with each other. It was so wonderful to see the children’s happy, smiling faces!

Wishing you all a wonderful bank holiday weekend,

Ms Pemberton

Week 3

In Maths, we have continued to solve problem involving multiplication. The children made arrays using counters, cereal and drawing them.


We have been reading the story Click, Clack Moo Cows Can Type. The children planned and wrote their own stories based on this book.

On Thursday, we had a cricket lesson, the children thoroughly enjoyed it. We will be having cricket lessons each week after half term.

On 1st May, it is the feast day of St Joseph the Worker. The children described his qualities and wrote a prayer for workers in our communities that we would like to thank.

Home Learning

Spellings, phonics sheet and Mathletics


Have a lovely weekend bank holiday weekend!


Mrs Carey

Friday, 30th April 2021

Year 4 has been very busy this week with lots of opportunities to participate in sport activities.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed our first session with Mr Mills, learning core skills in tennis. The children did very well and could complete rallies up to 39 hits by end of our lesson!

On Thursday, we participated in a Cricket taster session, trying our hand at fielding and batting, learning how to hold the baton and how to complete runs to gain points for our teams. The children loved playing the game and reported that they wouldn’t mind more in the future 🙂

On the same day, after school, the majority of the children joined the athletics club lead by Miss Pringle, where they could refresh their running and jumping skills.

We also completed our daily mile, where some children achieved great improvement compared to the beginning, increasing their lap numbers from 5 to up to 12! Again, very well done!

This week, the children have also finished their lamps by inserting their circuits and switches. It has been a great few weeks working on this D&T project and the children did very well, thinking about their designs and taking ownership of their plans and the execution!

Please make sure the lamps are switched off when not in use, as the small, simple battery holders used in the models can get hot!

We wish you a lovely bank holiday long weekend,

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara

Please see below the Home Learning:

Due Tuesday, 4th May 2021
Spelling Please log onto Spellingframe and spend some times practicing this week’s spelling words before testing yourself.—ci–to-ea-

Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 3 activities.

Times table Please log onto Hit the button and spend some time practicing your mixed number facts, with special focus on the division facts.

Science For your Science Home Learning this week, I would like you to go on an ‘Appliance Hunt’. I would like you to go around your house and record appliances that use electricity. Beyond noticing them, I also want you to have a think: What is the effect of electricity in them? Does electricity change sound? change light? change movement? change temperature?

Record them in a table please. Please record at least 12 appliances that use electricity in a variety of ways.

Be ready to present your learning on Tuesday, as we will stick them into Science books.

Art Next week, I would like the children to complete an art activity that would support their English learning. As part of our whole school writing project, the children will have to describe a house made of flowers. Using art straws, I would like the children to build these models so that it would help them with their descriptive paragraph.

If you can, please could you support this by sending in some flowers. They can be fresh or dried. They don’t have to be shop bought! The children can pick some on their way to school or from their gardens.

We are planning to make these models on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Year 2 Blog 30/04/2021

We don’t like cricket…. oh no.. We LOVE it!

The children have been learning about batting and fielding in their P.E. lessons this week. There was wonderful team-work on display in our Rounders games and a number of home-runs! Everyone really enjoyed their Cricket taster session this week. We loved it and we can’t wait to play some more cricket!

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions of amounts. We have been focusing on three quarters of an amount. The children have worked very well ensuring that when they are sharing out amounts, the amounts are the same.  We had a tasty Maths lesson during the week which involved some chocolate buttons and plenty of fantastic fractions!

In English, we have started planning our own animal adventure stories. We have taken inspiration from The Hodgeheg story. Watch this space!

Home learning:

Please see the school newsletter for the Whole School Science Home Learning project.

Have a wonderful Bank holiday weekend. See you on Tuesday.

Miss Davey

Summer 1: Week 3

This week we finished writing our animal documentaries and next week we will be recording them on the i-pads, before starting our narratives. We have also made clay tiles of pandas and tigers – I look forward to seeing the children paint them next week.

In maths we have found fractions of amounts and learnt to identify unit and non unit fractions. Please follow these links to find out more about this

We also enjoyed playing tennis and cricket in PE this week – the children’s ball control and hand eye coordination is really improving.

Have a lovely long weekend

Miss Pringle

Home learning 

Spelling  – common exception words


Science – Magnets

Please create a learning poster about magnets that includes some of these key words; force, push, pull, surface, magnet, magnetic, attract, repel, magnetic poles, north and south.

Here is a link you might like to use

Reading – please read and log your reading in your records.



PGL Meeting Slides

Thank you for joining the Google Meet today regarding our upcoming trip to PGL.


Here are the slides: PGL Information Meeting 2021

Summer 1 Week 2

It has been a busy week in Year 5. The highlight was our visit from the Ark Farm. The children loved getting up close with the animals and feeding them. We were also lucky enough to be visited by Howard and Kit Williams from Cattlegate farm to learn more about arable farming.

In English, we have been focusing on our use of conjunctions and relative clauses while in maths we have been ordering and comparing fractions. This week, we began our new science topic about forces and today we investigated how surface area can affect how an object falls.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Lines

Home Learning


Studyladder 10 tests


Summer 1: Week 2

We had a busy start to the week, continuing to find fractions of amounts in Maths and researching endangered animals in English. As part of our English topic we have adopted a giant panda through the worldwide wildlife fund (WWF) and will write our own animal documentaries and narratives, featuring an endangered animal, over the next three weeks.  It was also amazing having The Ark visit the school on Tuesday and have the opportunity to handle and learn about how we can care for different animals.

We focused on rallies in tennis and look forward to starting tennis with Mr Mills next Tuesday. For the rest of this half term children need to come to school in their PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. Next week they also need to wear it on Thursday as we have a cricket taster lesson. In computing we have been using scratch to programme and create avatars and musical jingles and in Science have started learning about magnets. Thank you Miss Lawlor for all your hard work, I forward to seeing Y3 on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Home learning 




Please spend 30 minutes on read theory and then read either independently or to an adult for at least 15 minutes and write a comment in your record.


Please log onto study ladder and complete the three fraction activities set.