Year 6 – 26/03/21

This week, Year 6 have shown themselves to be true leaders of our school, and epitomised the message from this morning’s assembly about serving others. Indeed, the house captains planned, organised and led activities to raise money for this year’s Lenten charities; St Francis house (led by Jamie B and Heston) and St Louise house (led by Tito and Emilia) held a much-enjoyed Lent-themed word hunt, whilst St Vincent house (led by Thomas and Bella) and St Bernadette house (led by Angelo and Rory) ran an exciting obstacle course on the field. The children were praised by other staff members on their leadership skills – well done!

Yesterday, Year 6 also led the Stations of the Cross at the church. Their clear reading, reverent acting, and beautiful singing with the Year 5s made for a poignant and deeply reflective service, and the fact that it was live-streamed meant that they could be true ambassadors for the school and parish, serving others who were watching at home. We are hopeful that the recording will soon be available to watch by clicking this link: and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

I wish you all a wonderful two-week break and a Happy Easter when it comes. See you on the 12th April.

Love and God bless,

Miss Donatantonio  🐇🐣🥚🌼

Friday, 26th March 2021

Our last week (before the holidays) in Year 4 has been another busy one.

The children have spent time this week learning about Jesus’ Passion according to Mark’s Gospel and finding out more about Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  Yesterday, the class watched online the very reflective Stations of the Cross service lead by Year 5 and 6 from Our Lady and St Vincent’s Church.  This has been recorded and will be available from OLSV website.

In D&T the children continued with their project, applying a second layer of paper-mache followed by  additional details such as wings, beaks, paws, etc to personalise their bedside lamp structures. Some excellent designs coming along!


During the week, the children participated in several Lenten Charity events organised by the Year 6 house captains.  On Wednesday, they completed a  Lenten word hunt on the field whilst on Thursday, they took part in an obstacle course. They also took part in a Fairtrade chocolate and banana morning on Wednesday.

In PE the children have worked on General fitness and Team-building over these last few weeks and they have really enjoyed completing their daily Golden Mile.

Today, the class used twigs, stones, berries and other ‘treasures’ found on the school grounds to decorate their Lenten Pots which will bloom later just in time for Easter.

We wish all of you and your families a safe, healthy and blessed Easter!

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara

P.S.: During the holidays, please keep  reading and update your reading logs on the stories you have completed.

Year 3 26.3.21

This week we have been learning about Jesus’ Passion (suffering) according to Mark’s Gospel and finding out more about Holy Week.  On Thursday, the class watched Year 5 and 6 read, sing and act out The Stations of the Cross from Our Lady and St Vincent’s Church. 

Throughout the week we have participated in several Lenten Charity events organised by the Year 6 house captains, which were a lot of fun.  We have worked hard in PE to develop out fitness, speed and awareness of space. We have also enjoyed using the jungle gym and continue to complete the daily mile – which the children are very enthusiastic about.


Thank  you for sending in the milk bottles – we have had a lot of fun making woolly mammoth models after reading the book, ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ – the children will bring them home after Easter as it was a little too wet outside this afternoon.  We have also created  Lenten gardens, which should bloom just in time for Easter.

Have a restful and blessed Easter holiday

Miss Pringle

Friday 26th March 2021

This week in Year 5 we continued to rehearse our singing for the Stations of the Cross service, which took place on Thursday. Well done to all of Year 5 in helping lead our school and community in this beautiful reflection.

The children enjoyed taking part in Lenten fundraising this week by making Easter gardens, having a Fairtrade banana and biscuit bar, and completing word hunts and obstacle courses. Thank you to the Year 6 children for organising these events.

Today we took part in a Science investigation to find out whether the longer our legs are, the further we can jump. Ask your child to fill you in on our findings.

Thank you to Joseph who made cupcakes for everyone today- they were delicious.

There is no home learning for the Easter break. Have a wonderful rest and I look forward to welcoming you all back in the Summer Term.


Spring Term Week 5

Another term is over! The children settled back into class well this term and worked extremely hard.

This week we have been reading the stories from Mark’s Gospel about Holy Week. The children have retold the stories through role play, writing and art.


In Maths we have been counting in twos, fives and tens and solving problems. Please continue to practise counting on and back in twos, fives and tens.

The children finished their playground equipment and evaluated their equipment.

On Wednesday the children took part in a cross hunt and then on Thursday the children took part in an obstacle course arranged by Year 6.

On Friday, we made rice crispy cakes.



Thank you for all the generous gifts.


Have a wonderful Easter!


Mrs Carey, Mrs Vieryra and Mrs Hilton



Year 2 Blog 26-03-2021

As part of our 5 ways to wellbeing, this week we have been focusing on Giving. The children participated in several Lenten charity events organised by the Year 6 House captains.  On Wednesday, Year 2 completed a  Lenten word hunt on the field and afterwards everyone enjoyed a Fairtrade chocolate or banana. On Thursday, the children took part in an obstacle course. Thank you for your generous Lenten donations.

This week we have been learning about the Passion of Jesus according to Mark’s Gospel.  We looked at all events of Holy Week. In Year 2, we focused on the Last Supper. Through Art and Computing, the children created wonderful storyboards of the Last Supper and in English they wrote beautiful retellings.

I look forward to seeing you all next term for plenty of fun and learning.

May all the blessings and joys of Easter be yours.

Miss Davey

Reception Week Beginning 19.3.21

It’s been another exciting week in Reception!

The story focus has been ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and the children have have had lots of fun learning the Enormous Turnip song, acting out the story and writing their own enormous object story.

In Religion, the children learnt about The Last Supper and demonstrated their understanding of the story, through role play. They also learnt about The Eucharist and how the prayers and readings during this part of the mass remind those taking part of that final meal that Jesus shared with his disciples.

Today, the children celebrated Red Nose Day by taking part in a special egg and spoon daily mile, telling jokes to each other and thinking about what makes them laugh. It was decided that Joseph S and Ayrabella told the funniest joke and they were given the opportunity to tell it to the rest of the school in a special live assembly this afternoon!

In the glorious sunshine this afternoon, Reception once again met with Year 6 for an Act of Worship led by Jamie, Ava, Dejon and Emilia.  Thank you Year 6!

Thank you for your positive feedback regarding the online reading books. This is of course a temporary measure, but it is comforting to know that we are able to provide an extra layer of protection for our families, in our fight against Covid. It is also wonderful as a teacher to be able to see how much time you are spending with your child reading every day. Thank you parents!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Ms Pemberton

Year 3 19.3.21

As part of our Design and Technology unit of work. The children analysed existing sandwich products and plotted their findings on graphs. Next week we will be testing different flavour and food group combinations to use for our healthy sandwiches.

We have continued with our 5 ways to Wellbeing and explored the power of laughter. This week while completing our Golden Miles, we took part in an egg and spoon race for comic relief.

In maths we have been using our number bond knowledge to add 3 and 1 digit numbers. Please see this link if you would like to support your child with this at home.

Our English focus has been past and present tense, which we will continue next week. We have also been looking closely at Marks Gospel and Holy Week in RE.

Home learning

Spelling – homophones and near homophones

Mathletics – addition tasks
Study ladder – past tense



Year 2 Blog 19-03-2021

Did you know that an Axel is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear? We have been learning all about wheels and axels as part of our Design and Technology unit of work. The children came up with lots of examples of moving objects that have wheels and axels. We went on a wheel and axel hunt around the school and we were amazed with all the examples that we found. The children planned out their designs for their very own Moon Buggy. They thought carefully about what type of axel they wanted  – free moving or fixed. They chose from a variety of wheels. After making their moon buggies they tested them out and evaluated their designs.

We have continued with our 5 ways to Wellbeing. This week while completing our Golden Miles, we have been noticing all the beautiful blossom. #Blossom Watch 2021

We celebrated The Power of Funny with Comic Relief and Red Nose day. Everyone looked wonderful in RED. We had great fun listening to each others jokes. Well done to Sienna and Fraser for representing Year 2 in the Whole School Joke telling assembly.

Home Learning:

Mathletics: Fractions

Studyladder: Reading comprehensions – Poetry

Have a peaceful weekend,

Miss Davey

Year 6 – 19/03/21

This week, we have been learning about ratio and proportion in Maths; in English, we have been revising different sentence structures; in RE, we have learnt about the context of the Last Supper; in D&T we explored how to create bends in a structure and also investigated what makes an effective marble run by looking at existing products.

On Tuesday, we had a large dose of exercise and fresh air as we went for a walk to Mimmshall Brook. It was pretty muddy but we had a lot of fun!

For Red Nose Day today, we did an egg-and-spoon Daily Mile, and we also made the most of the beautiful weather and had our Act of Worship with Reception class outside in the International Garden. Well done to Ava, Jamie H, Dejon and Emilia for leading us in prayer.

Your Home Learning is to consolidate this week’s ratio learning on Mathletics (due Wednesday).

Also, if you are a disciple/Jesus/Veronica/Joseph of Arimathea in next week’s Stations of the Cross, please bring in a cloth/sheet that you can wear as your costume. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss D 😊