Reception Week Beginning 19.10.20

This week, Reception joined the rest of the school in celebrating One World Week. Sadly, we couldn’t visit Italy, our chosen country, so we brought Italy to us!

The children learnt that Italy is actually shaped like a boot and that Rome is the capital city. They also found out about Pope Francis and St Peter’s Basilica. They learnt about the Colosseum and the water ways of Venice and even constructed their own gondolas from different materials.  They also made The Leaning Tower of Pisa from clay. The most popular activity by far however, was making props for the Italian restaurant and using them in imaginary role play. The service and food in the restaurant was fantastic!

Today, Reception participated in a special class Harvest Festival act of worship. Thank you for your generous donations.

Wishing you all a well deserved break,

The Reception Team

One World Week Learning Celebration 2020

Dear Parents,

This week we have been celebrating One World Week. Each class has been finding out about a different country.

Please watch the video below of our One World Week learning celebration  and the presentation of this week’s Gold Awards and Head Teacher Awards.

Friday, 22nd October 2020

Year 4 has had another busy week.

The children participated in One World Week, where they focused on the United States of America. They have learnt about its location and searched for ‘megacities’. They took part in a treasure hunt outside where they looked for information about other important cities and located them on maps. The children also completed activities on the Mississippi River identifying its stages. As part of One World Week they tasted Giant Marshmallows, a typical American treat!

On Wednesday, the children lead Mass in their classroom on the theme of Community and Participation. They celebrated the Eucharist and revised the importance of Holy Communion as a sacrament. Fr Shaun helped them to revise all the special things that are found on the altar. Today in class, the children had the chance to set up the altar and learn again about the sacred items that are used and what they are used for. Thank you to Sophie, Eimear and Alfie who read beautifully during the mass and the class who followed Fr Shaun’s sign language for the songs.

Following all their hard work in preparation for their writing, the children completed their River Story narratives and we have enjoyed reading such descriptive narratives.  Well done!   They loved their karate session on Wednesday afternoon!

On Friday, Year 4 participated in a Harvest Act of Worship lead by several members of the class: Macy, Johanna, Gabriela, Hebe, Leon, Elle, Arthur, Charlie, Ben and Oskar.  Eric took photos which you will see below.

At the end of today before heading home, Johanna shared a quiz with the class that she had designed on British English words and American English words.  We really enjoyed the quiz – even I didn’t know all the answers!

Look below to see some of the quiz questions.

Wishing you and your family a restful half term.  See you back on Tuesday 3rd November!


Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara

The American Treasure Hunt!


Johanna’s Quiz!

What is the American English word for our  English word flat?

Answer:  apartment

What is the American English word for our English word sweets?

Answer: candy.

What is the English word for the American word cotton candy?

Answer:  candyfloss

What is the American English word for our English word postcode?

Answer:  zip code.


Year 6 – One World Week

Happy Harvest Festival! Our Fairtrade Group led us in an act of worship this morning, in which the class brought forward their generous donations of food. Also this week, the Liturgy Group has been leading us the Rosary.

For One World Week, Year 6 has been finding out all about the Democratic Republic of Congo. We learnt about its devastating colonial past under Belgian rule, and the chaos that has ensued in the central African country since 1960. Through the means of role-play, we learnt about Mobutu’s kleptocratic dictatorship, and through music and dance we appreciated the escapism this provided for the oppressed civilians in the 1980s.

Dancing the kwasa kwasa:

Here is the tutorial we followed:

Performing their own rhythms to soukous music

Here is the full original track:

Also this week, the children learnt how to punch in karate:

In this week’s wellbeing session, we made Guatemalan worry dolls:

Thank you for working so hard in your first half term in Year 6. I look forward to reading your completed River Story narratives and I wish you a restful and enjoyable week off.

Miss Donatantonio 😊


Week 8

This week was One World Week and Year 1 learnt about France. The children located France on a map of Europe and wrote facts about France, they painted flags and they made the Eiffel tower with lego, bricks and straws. We enjoyed having a brunch with croissants and orange juice. In PE we made up a dance to a French song about fruits. Then we looked at a French artist called Georges Seurat and painted the Eiffel tower in the style of his paintings. Thank you for the wonderful home learning.

In Maths we used the cherry model to find as many ways as we can to make different numbers. We thought about how we could check if we found all of the possible ways. We added two and three numbers together to make a total.

In Science we investigated our sense of taste and smell. We tasted different flavour crisps and guessed what the flavour was. We smelt different things and guessed what they were.

On Friday we had an act of worship to celebrate Harvest. Thank you for your generous donations.

Find some Julia Donaldson and Jill Murphy books at home and read them as a family.

Have a wonderful half term


Mrs Carey


Autumn 1 Week 8

It was a busy final week of our first half term in Year 5. It’s hard to believe it has been over 7 weeks since we first came back to school! This week, we completed our river stories, and I was really impressed with the result. Year 5 were able to create fantastic descriptions and well-punctuated dialogue.
It was also One World Week and we focused on Iceland. We learnt about the human and physical geography of the country and found out more about glaciers. Using pastels, Year 5 created some fantastic northern lights pictures.
Today would ordinarily be our celebration morning and our classroom filled with parents. It was a real shame not to have you all with us for our harvest festival. Year 5 took part in an act of worship and placed their donations on our own harvest table. Thank you for your generosity.
It has been fantastic to have the children back at school over the past half term and they have all worked incredibly hard. I hope you all enjoy a restful half term and I look forward to welcoming the children back on the 3rd of November.
Mrs Lines

Week 8

Year 3 have been learning about India  for One World Week 2020. We used google maps and atlases to locate India, its surrounding countries, major cities, mountain ranges and major rivers. We’ve learnt to read toe figure grid references and investigated the different ways that the river Ganges is used. Most of the children decided they would like to live in the tropical climate zone of India so that they could see they wonderful wildlife found there. We enjoyed trying onion bhajis and comparing the UK to India.


Thank you for your very generous Harvest Festival donations.


The children had lots of fun this afternoon creating their own relay races, obstacle course and invasion games – I was very impressed with their teamwork and ball skills.

No home learning has been set but please ensure the children read daily and record this reading in their records.

Have a restful and safe half term,

Miss Pringle

Year 2 Blog 23-10-2020

Year 2 have been learning about Egypt for One World Week 2020. We used simple maps and atlases to locate Egypt.

In Maths, Year 2 investigated the properties of  some 3D shapes: Square based pyramids, tetrahedrons and prisms.

In English, the children created some wonderful fact files about the River Nile.

We learnt about the different physical features of landscapes. The children created some beautiful patterned landscapes of Egypt, including the famous river Nile.

We ended our week with a very special Harvest Act of Worship. Thank you for all the food donations.

Have a restful half-term.

Miss Davey

Week 7

In maths this week, we have been estimating, comparing and measuring length. The children have been carefully using their rulers to measure accurately and select appropriate units of length. In English, Year 3 have been editing, publishing and assessing WWW What Working Well in their narratives.  You will be able to listen to them reading their wonderful stories – See below.

In PE, we have focused on ball carrying and passing in Tag Rugby. Next week we are going to use all of our new skills to play small sided possession games.

Home learning

Home learning 

Spelling –



Please complete the three activities set online.

Read theory and reading 

Please complete 10 quizzes and log your independent reading in your reading records.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle





Week 7

Another busy week in Year 1!It was lovely to speak to you all about your children’s learning this week.

In English we have been busy writing about the ‘A River’ story.  The children have written excellent descriptions using their phonic knowledge, capital letters and full stops. We made boats and tested whether they floated in water.

In Science, we went on a walk in the playground to look for signs of Autumn. We found leaves falling off the trees, conkers and acorns. We discussed how the weather has changed from Summer to Autumn and how the clothes we wear change.After collecting the leaves, we painted the leaves and printed pictures with the them.

In Numeracy we have been using the cherry model to show different ways of making numbers to 10 then showing them in a number sentence.

In Religion we learnt about the Sacrament of Confirmation. We made the symbol, the dove to represent the Holy Spirit.

The children were delighted when I appeared on the big screen in the classroom to say hello on Monday morning and when I read a story on Tuesday. It was wonderful to hear all their news, I have missed them lots. I cannot wait to see them all on Monday morning.

Our author of the month is Jill Murphy. Can you find any Jill Murphy books at home to read this weekend?

Home Learning

Reading – I sent home a letter about the children’s new reading day. The children must bring in their reading book on their day and we will change their books.

Spellings  – see, tree, green, meet, week, my, no, of

Next week is One World Week and Year 1 will be learning about France. Please draw a picture, make a model or make a poster of facts about France. Please send it in by Wednesday 21st October.

Thank you

Mrs Carey