Summer 2020 Support For Learning

Dear Parents,

This page has been set up to give you some ideas to help keep your children busy over the summer holidays should you wish to dip into them.

The activities are designed to be a review of material from the past school year and also are practical ideas to do both indoors and outdoors.

We encourage you to reward your child at home for their efforts in completing these activities.

Have an enjoyable summer break!

Mrs McNamara


Click on the links to see the challenges !

                                                           Reading Challenge  KS1 and KS2                                                 Summer 2020 Challenge_Digital PREMIER LEAGUE

Holiday Learning Premier League IDEAS

My Activity Book 5 to 7 years                                My Activity Book 7 to 11 years

KS1_Answers                             KS2_Answers

    Busy Boxes

                        Social and Emotional Learning

    Activities:           Click on each activity and have a go!

  one  two three  four five six  seven eight  nine ten eleven  twelve





Please look back at the Reception  Blog. There are many ideas posted on each Blog by Ms Pemberton ( Formally Mrs Theo) that you can do with your child.

Click here for some other creative ideas  A      B








Log onto your Mathletics Accounts!

Click hit the button            Maths Chase (to practise your times tables)

Maths Link – Premier League 

KS2  Maths Skills Organiser

BBC Bitesize


        Reading Link

English Link – Premier League

Puffin Activity Book KS2

Comprehension Work:

Comprehension      Year 3        Activity 1       2       3  4       Answers   1    2    3  4

Comprehension      Year 4       Activity 1    2       3               Answers  1    2  3

Comprehension      Year 5        Activity 1      2      3             Answers  1    2   3

Comprehension      Year 6        Activity 1    2      3               Answers   1  2   3

For those of you that have a Read Theory Account….log on and complete the comprehension exercises each day.

Grammar Activities:    Present_and_Progressive_quiz

Grammar: Semi-colon_Worksheet


Free English Downloads 

BBC Bitesize – English

Here are some Science Activities for KS1 and KS2.

Key Stage 1:    A   B    C   D   E   F G  H                             Key Stage 2:    A   B  C D  E  F  G  H

Plants Pack

Log onto BBC Bitesize too.


   Click on the Music Icon to see what’s in store for you!!

 Music for you to do over a week

          Resources for Music:  Listen_to_Music      Homemade_Musical_Instruments      FlatBeethoven      Fast_Slow

Why not try the Chrome Music Lab           


This document gives you many design and technology ideas which you can do…..Click here to see!!

                                Bird Feeders…………………..Kites and much more!!



Design-a-roundel-TfL-Craft-Club       Floating_Garden_Challenge_-_Home_learning_guide    Goal_Colouring      Make_a_Kite    Flappy-bat_KS2    Tennis_colouring_1



Games and Activities  Click on the links below!

Word_Tennis    Wimbledon_Word_Search    Wimbledon_Word_Search    The_Beat_Goes_On_Family_Crossword_Puzzle_13-14    September2020

Lockdown Challenge      I love tennis – Colouring




Animals Car Car Truck Jeep Activities

Celebrate Earth Day

Dice Activities Online EYFS


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Home Learning Ideas

How to make a dice EYFS

Jack and the Beanstalk Magic EYFS

Our Hands EYFS

Read with Trust

Reading with Trust Comic

The Bird in the Forest

The Drummer Boy

TheThree Billy Goats Gruff

Treasure Island EYFS

Dance   Moana


Harry Potter

Wild Workout – After completing  this session of wild workout, why not design your own workout?


Try following a dance lesson as part of your exercise today. You could have a go at making up your own routine afterwards!

Dance Lesson

Begin your day with a workout. Click on the the button and get active!

Joe Wicks kept a lot of children active during lockdown…why not revisit his workouts?  Click here.



During this time, children may be accessing a lot of resources via the internet, sometimes without your supervision.

  • Please highlight to your children the importance of staying safe online.
  • Remind them that they should always talk to an adult if they see something that worries them.


Celebration Blog

In our final week of school, Zackary came in first place for readtheory. Alex is in second with Fiona in third. Well done for keeping up with your reading. Alex and Zackary also earned silver certificates on mathletics- well done, boys! Bronze certificate were earned by Jake, Zackary, Matthew L, Fiona, Dejon, Jamie H and Alex. Remember that you can continue to do readtheory and mathlectics throughout the summer to keep your skills sharp!

Thank you to Bella for sending in pictures of her healthy smoothie. It looks delicious!


Enjoy the beautiful weather today.


Mrs Lines


Thursday 16th July, 2020

Good Morning Year 4!

Today is the last day of the summer term and we just wanted to say well done on coping so well during this time.  We are SO proud of you – you have tried your best and your parents have been fabulous in assisting you with your learning throughout this time.  They deserve a big hug from you!    It has been a pleasure to be your teachers this year.  We have so many  memories of  our year with you all.

Thank you for your hard work this year – you have worked so hard and it has been lovely to chat with you and hear all about what things you have been busy doing.  Thank you for the wonderful gifts you gave Ms Varga and I.  We really appreciate your generosity.

Have a lovely day!

Enjoy your summer holidays.

God Bless and stay safe.

Mrs McNamara and Ms Varga


Today’s Learning:

Click here for your Active July worksheet. How many gold levels are you up to?

If you enjoy the Joe Wicks workout, please continue to have fun with his daily activities.

Morning Prayer

Find a quiet place to sit and reflect…

Lord God,
We put ourselves into Your hands, and pray that
You will bless us and our families during the
wonderful months of summer.

May we all help
make our home a place of relaxation, joy, love,
peace and safety.
May we be generous and considerate, not
thinking only about ourselves, but helping others
enjoy the blessings of summertime.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.




Did you enjoy the book link from yesterday?

Here is today’s book:


Reading aloud  builds many important reading skills, introduces you to vocabulary and helps you  recognise what reading for pleasure is all about!

Log onto Read theory and complete at least 5 exercises

What are you reading?  Have you been updating your reading log?

Post us a picture of your reading logs!!  We would love to hear about the current book you are reading.


Word list:

medicine mention minute natural naughty notice occasion occasionally
often opposite.
Click on the practice and test tab to test yourself.


Starter:   Bar Charts

Click here for the video and here for the worksheet.

Click here for the answers.

Main Activity:  Draw on a Grid

Click here for the video and here for the worksheet.

Click here for the answers.

DON’T forget!  Click onto Maths Chase/Hit the Button to practise your timestables!



Grammar Task:  Click the picture to take you to the online activity.

Complete the Skills Builders Year 4 Activity Eight 

Main Activity:

Year 4 – 12 bits of fun for reading and writing!

Every week, we have been asking you to choose an activity from the choices on this attachment. Click here!

This is the last opportunity for you to collect points.  If you have not already, please forward your point scores.  Those with the highest scores will be awarded a prize in September.  So far, we have Megan, Cian, Mishka, Lily,  William P and Daniel S in line for a prize.  Well done to them!


Wider Curriculum

Your afternoon learning will focus on computing. Most activities are unplugged, meaning they do not require electronic access. Each day, try and complete at least one of these activities.

Click here to see the activities.

Thursday 16th July 2020

Good morning,

Welcome to the last day of Year 5! It has been a pleasure to be your teacher this year. Although it was frustrating and disappointing that our time was cut short, I have so many happy memories of you all. Thank you for your hard work this year, particularly under such challenging circumstances. You should all be really proud of yourselves and I can’t wait to see you back in September in Year 6. You will be wonderful leaders of our school and I know you will all shine. Thank you for the wonderful gift you gave me yesterday, I truly appreciate your generosity. I had only discussed with my bubble earlier in the the day that we hadn’t been able to get our official class photograph this year, so your rainbow picture is perfect. Have a wonderful summer holiday.

Mrs Lines

Here is your learning for today:

Morning Prayer Follow the PowerPoint for your daily prayer

Thursday Prayer

Maths WALT- Read timetables

Questions: Lesson_4_-_Timetables



English Find your learning here:Year 5 Day 4
Reading and Spelling Complete 10 read theory tests

Read your own book for 20 minutes

Use spelling frame- rule 39

Curriculum It’s computing week. Click on this link to see the selection activities available.


Thursday 16th July 2020

Good morning Year 2,

Dr. Seuss said it best… ‘Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.’

This is our last day together in Year 2. It has been a privilege and a pleasure being your teacher.

I am very proud of you all. I know that you will all achieve great things in the future!

A big THANK YOU to all the parents for your continued support throughout this year.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!

Take care and God bless.

Miss Davey

Subject Activity
Prayer Prayer for Thursday 16th July

Prayer for the end of the school year.

At the end of this school year
we give thanks to God:
For all the teaching and learning
that has taken place in our school,
both in and out of the classroom,
For the talents and gifts that have
been shared and the challenges
that have been faced;
For the burdens that have been lifted
and the hurts that have been healed;
For the respect and care that has been given.
We give thanks for the friendships
that have just begun
and for those that have grown.
For the faith that has been lived
in our daily struggles,
For the hope that has lifted
our hearts on the dark days
And for the love that has kept us going.
Bless our families as we take our holidays,
may our time together leave us
with memories to cherish.
Pour out your love on us
that we may return renewed and refreshed
to continue our journey together .
We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.

Spelling &
Common Exception Words
Reading Continue to read daily and discuss what you have read.You can access plenty of wonderful books via the Harper Collins website:



Use the Teacher Login area.

Maths 16-07-2020

Emoji Addition and Subtraction

English Thursday 16th July 2020
Wider Curriculum
It’s Computing Week this week.  Click here to see the activities to complete.


Good morning,

Please continue with your Ancient Egyptians Project and timetables revision.

Ancient Egyptian Project Y3

Have a wonderful summer,

Miss Pringle

Year 6 – Thursday 16th July learning

Subject Activity
Prayer Click here for today’s prayer.
PE Miss Pringle has put together a timetable of activities for you to do each day in July, with different levels of challenge. Open it here. You’ll see that there are also tasks and activities to do at the weekend, so do have a go at those too.
Handwriting Visit—ph–to-res- and click on ‘Practice/Test’ followed by ‘Begin Test’.
Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT investigate and identify game strategy.

Click here for today’s lesson.

Wider curriculum For this week, your afternoon learning features activities to celebrate the year you’ve had and to ease your transition to your new school in September. Each day, there is an activity to do that focuses on a different aspect of the transition process, as well as a potential secondary school scenario that you can reflect on and discuss with the rest of your family. Click here for the activities.

Thursday 16th July Learning

Good morning Year 1, our last day of learning. You have been a wonderful class and I will miss you all! It has been a pleasure teaching each and every one of you. Thank you for your amazing learning and happy photos. It has been a strange year but you all kept going. You need to thank your parents for all their hard work, teaching you at home. Have a fantastic holiday!

Here is your learning today.




Fluency –

Count in ones to 100.

Count back in ones from 100

Count in twos to 30.

Count back in twos from 30

Count in fives to 100

Count back in fives from 100.


Ask someone in your house to ask you the time at different points in the day. Can you read the time when it is o’clock and half past? Try quarter past and quarter to.




Write the date


Make a card for your parents with your best handwriting inside. Thank them for supporting you with your learning since you have been home. Tell them how much you love them.
Spelling/Handwriting Write each word 4 times


one  once   ask   friend   school


Check you know how to spell all of the words.





Letters and Sounds lesson at 10.30am for Year 1  – Today is a Review lesson.


If your child would like to revise the Phase 3 sounds – 10.00am

Wider Curriculum Computing activities – Computing Week