Week 4

A wonderful week of learning. We had a great workshop about being a cyber hero. The children learnt about playing age appropriate games and telling an adult if someone is unkind online.

In Religion we have been learning about the Beatitudes. We focused on ‘Blessed are the Peacemakers.’ The children used their computing skills to take photos and add captions of how we can be peacemakers in school.


In Maths we have been making numbers 11-19 using Diennes. We showed the numbers using tens and ones.

We are making a garden ladybirds from recycled objects. If the children have wellies or old shoes please send them in with their names on them. Also if you have old wellies for our garden, terracotta or plastic pots, old wine racks, tyres, wooden spoons, stones or bricks we would really appreciate them.

Home Learning – Phonics – a_e, i_e and e_e and Mathletics

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Carey

Year 2 Blog Week 19

Year 2 have enjoyed a week of creative learning. We took part in a wonderful workshop all about being a Cyber Hero. The children discussed the world of online gaming and all the fun that can be had as well as the dangers that are online. We explored the issues of online bullying, age appropriate games, in-game chats and pop-up advertisements.

A Cyber Hero does the right thing online. We POP – pause our play if something online makes us feel sad, upset or worried and we tell a trusted adult. We say NO to cyber bullying! Playing age appropriate games are the only games worth playing.

Our topic in History is Changes within living memory – Communication past and present. We have been learning about carrier pigeon messengers and the children created some beautiful collage carrier pigeons.

In Maths we have continued work on addition and subtraction, focusing on our ‘Think 10’ strategy.

43 – 6 = ?

How would you use Think 10 to solve this calculation?

Home Learning:

Spellings: hospital, metal, legal, pedal, animal and capital.

Common exception words: sure, could, eye, who, move.

Mathletics: Adding to 2 digit numbers, Repartition & Commutative property of addition.

Take some time to discuss online safety and age appropriate games with your child so that we make sure the internet can be safe and fun for everyone!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Davey

Week 4: 31st January

Dear Parents,

My sincere apologies about this blog: Week 4  31st January.  It had been done last Friday but unfortunately it was archived onto the school website instead of appearing on the Year 4 blog.

Mrs McNamara


This week we have been developing our learning in various subjects.  In Science the children investigated the melting times of different solid materials such as ice cream, chocolate, wax, butter etc and placed their results in a graph.

On Wednesday the children took part in a cyber-bullying workshop.  The theme of the workshop was K.I.N.D. and the children learnt the importance of taking the appropriate steps to keep themselves safe online.


Today, the children had their last dance session and showed their Roman dance to the Year 3s. They performed the dance well.

Also this week, the children had a session on computer programming and were introduced to Scratch which they really enjoyed exploring. The explored the programme itself and started devising their own programmes to move their ‘sprites’ on the ‘stage’ using a ‘script’.

This morning at our assembly, the children met some of the Governing Body.  The governors spoke to them about their roles and how they support Mrs Heymoz in her role as the Headteacher.

Mr Lyons

Mrs Alder

Mrs Strange

Fr Shaun

Mr O’Keefe

Mrs Joyce

Thank you also for taking part in the Bird Watch last weekend.  The children’s recordings have been passed on to add to the data gathered.

Have a lovely weekend.

Homework for this weekend:

  1. Mathletics
  2. Revise 6, 7 and 8 timestables.
  3. Reading and updating their reading logs
  4. Spellings:    Homophones    scene, seen, mail, male, bawl, ball, plane, plain, wear, where, some, sum

Year 6 – 31/01/20

In English, we have focused on using a variety of clause structures in our writing, as well as learning how to use and spot the passive voice. In maths, we learnt how to find fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents. In RE, we started pulling apart the Lord’s Prayer to really think about its meaning. In PE, we continued our dance unit, this time focusing on telling a story through dance to the music of You’ve Got A Friend In Me. In D&T, we made templates for the mobile phone cases, and in geography, we learnt about the varied physical features of the Americas due to its sheer size.

On Wednesday, the class took part in an e-safety workshop, where they had the opportunity to ask lots of questions relating to things scenarios in which they may find themselves online.

We did some more eco-brick making on Tuesday.

On Thursday, the Year 6s partnered up with the Year 3s to help them find where they’d met their writing targets. They worked brilliantly together, with the Year 6s being excellent role models.

This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 4th February) is as follows:

English (online) spag.com – Passive and Active x2, Subordinate clauses & conjunctions x2
Spellings Adjectives from the Field Guide:












Times tables

(online) mathletics.com tasks – fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents (3 tasks)


Continue to revise all times tables.

Science For Monday’s science lesson, please bring in a photo of you with your immediate family (or on a USB that I will print out).

Reception Spring Term Week 4

Reception started the week participating in an esafety workshop. They became cyber superheroes and learnt all about keeping safe online. The children were also taught about how important it is to only play age appropriate games and how you must never talk to a stranger online. The class were then given strategies in case someone isn’t being kind online and what to do if you notice something that isn’t right and doesn’t feel safe. They were taught the phrase ‘POP’ which means ‘Pause Our Play!’

Our story focus this week has been ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Among other things, the children have attempted to make their own structures and buildings from straws, bricks and sticks. They also had lots of fun trying to huff and puff them down!

The maths focus this week has been the number 8. The children have explored different ways to practically make 8 using a range of maths frames to support their understanding. They also made octopuses and spiders, created pictures using the octagon shape and created their own 8 sided shapes. Some of the Reception children even set themselves the challenge of trying to stack 8 bricks into a tower without it falling down!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer

Spring 1 Week 4

In Year 5 this week, we have continued to follow the story of ‘The London Eye Mystery’. More clues are being discovered daily and we are deepening our understanding of the characters, and how they are changing over time. The children created their own news reports of the child’s disappearance where they considered the verb forms they used.

On Wednesday, Year 5 took part in an E Safety workshop. The children had a lot of fun creating drama activities to show the positive side of the internet and explore some of the issues it creates. The focus was on being KIND:

K- kindness. Think about how you treat others online and make the internet a safe and happy place to be.

I-Inappropriate. Identify inappropriate content and make sure we are only accessing sites, games and apps designed for our age group.

N- Never over share. Keep your personal information safe. Do not give others your passwords, address or telephone number and think carefully about what photos you put online.

D- Don’t hide away. If something you see online troubles you, report it.

It was wonderful to see the wealth of knowledge the children already have. They spoke maturely about some of the dangers on the internet and what they do in order to keep themselves safe.

The children also touched upon some new concepts, such as digital footprints and how social media can affect mental health, which we will explore further in class. Year 5 also found out about CEOP. They understand this is another place they can report online abuse to police at any time.

Have a great weekend


Mrs Lines


Home Learning:



Readtheory- 10 tests

Spellings- week 4

Spring 1, Week 4

We have been busy learning to divide and recall our 4 timetables in maths this week. On Monday we took part in an online safety workshop and learnt how to be safe and responsible whilst online.

We have also written verses of firework poems in English, that include adjectives and similes. Year 6 joined us one afternoon this week to celebrate and identify which of our writing targets we have met – thank you year 6.

During RE we have interviewed Miss Donatantio about her merciful work with Lourdes – many of the children would like to follow in her footsteps.

We have assessed and performed our volcano dance to year 4. Thank you Miss Martin for visiting us from Dame Alice Owens to help us learn this wonderful dance.

In geography we have learnt about the earths layers. Next week we will be learning about the tectonic plates and the ring of fire.

Home learning:

spag.com activities and mathletics activities have been set.

Spelling list -Words with a /sh/ sound spelt with ‘ch’












Reception Spring Term Week 3

Reception have continued their topic on Fairy Tales, by focusing on the story Little Red Riding Hood.

The children have had fun acting out the story in Fairy Tale Cottage, creating paintings and making Little Red Riding Hood books and puppets. Writing is definitely the most favourite activity in Reception at the moment (much to the adult’s delight) and the children are suddenly very excited about applying their phonic knowledge in their own independent writing!

In RE the children have been learning about how God has no beginning and no ending and that God’s love is everlasting. The children made some beautiful pictures using only circles, to represent this.

In Maths, the children have been busy counting, ordering and finding different ways to make and partition the number 7.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer

Week 3: 24th January

This week the children have started their new English unit on persuasion and our new book, Leon and the Place Between. The book is about a boy called Leon who volunteers to be in Abdul Kazam’s magic show and gets transported to a mysterious world filled with rabbits, doves, playing cards and magician’s assistants. The children have designed a poster to advertise the circus and persuade people to see the amazing acts.

In RE we have continued to examine the Beatitudes with a focus on mercy.

In Art the children studied the poem, the Highway Man and produced these wonderful collages below:


Have a lovely weekend.

Homework this week:

Garden Watch:

Your child has come home with a count sheet as we are taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend. The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch is the world’s biggest bird survey and regularly attracts nearly half a million participants. The records from people counting birds in their gardens provides a vital snapshot of the UK’s birds each winter and we would like to be part of this.  I look forward to seeing the data that each child has recorded.

Geography work: Water Usage

The children are asked to fill in a table with a tally chart on how much water is used per activity over a given time at home: Saturday – Sunday.  They are asked to bring their completed sheet into school on Monday.

Spellings:  Year 3 and 4 spelling list

certain, circle, extreme, fruit, forwards, heart, increase, length, natural, popular, question, various

Spring 1 Week 3

In English this week, Year 5 began our new class text ‘The London Eye Mystery’. We have enjoyed finding out about the main character, Ted, and how he sees the world. Over the coming weeks, we will build up our skills of narrative writing so that we can add another chapter to the mystery.  Today we revised dialogue punctuation and ensured we maintained a balance between narrative and speech.

In Science, we have begun learning about forces. We have investigated how air resistance can affect falling objects and act against gravity. Through investigation, we were able to see the impact of surface area and that by decreasing it our gyros were able to fall faster. During this investigation, Year 5 needed their maths skills, as we used repeated measures and therefore needed to find an average.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Home Learning:


Spellings, week 3

Big Garden Bird watch- A sheet has been provided for the children to tally up the birds they see in their gardens or from their windows. This is due back in on Wednesday.