Lenten Sports Challenge!

The children had a great time taking part in our Lenten Sports Obstacle Trail. Thank you to the House Captains of St Bernadette’s and St Francis’ House for organising the event. Over £100 was raised for our 2 Lenten Charities Mary’s Meals and The Aplastic Anaemia Trust. Thank you for your support.

Reception Spring Term Week 11

It’s been another busy week in Reception, it’s hard to believe that we are almost two thirds of the way through the year!

In RE this week, the children have been learning about the Last Supper and thinking how we are reminded of this story every week in church when we receive Holy Communion. They also spent a long time examining and talking about the painting, ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most famous paintings in the world.

With the help of the adults, the children role played receiving Holy Communion themselves.

The children then demonstrated their understanding of the story through role play, writing their own versions, painting the story and building their own Last Supper scenes with junk modelling materials and other large and small construction.

The weather yesterday was glorious and so we took the opportunity to take the PE lesson with Mr Dugan outside. The children enjoyed participating in some team games that focussed on developing their throwing and catching skills.

You should have received an email to activate your Tapestry account on Tuesday. Thank you to the parents who have already activated and have liked and made comments about their child’s learning already!

Please add your own observations and photos- remember only you and the Reception staff can see your child’s account, so don’t worry about getting it wrong! Your observations will help the staff to have an all round picture of your child, which will help when they come to make final judgements against the early Learning Goals at the end of next term.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer


Spring Term Week 11

Mini Police was very exciting this week! Year 5 had the opportunity to go out onto Baker Street to ensure drivers were keeping to the speed limit. Using the police equipment, the children could see how fast cars were going. Any drivers travelling above 35mph were stopped and Year 5 reminded them about the importance of being safe. This was a great chance for the children to serve the local community. The drivers who were stopped thanked Year 5 for reminding to travel  at a safer speed and assured them they would do so from now on. Next week will be the final one of our sessions with Hertfordshire Constabulary. You are all invited to our assembly on Thursday at 2:30.

In science we have been learning about life cycles. We began by looking at the construction of an egg. The children made scientific observations and learnt the technical names and functions of this commonly used food item. We then moved on to looking at the full life cycle of birds by researching online.

Home learning this week is mathletics, Spag.com and the spelling sentences.

Have a wonderful weekend


Mrs Lines

Spring 2 Week 5

We have had a lovely week in Y3, full of multiplication, division, adverbs, Lenten charity events and forces!

We have also welcomed Miss Rolle into our class, a student teacher from St Mary’s University, who will be with us until the end of June.

The children have been retelling the events of the Last Supper and explaining what beliefs surround it. They have also enjoyed playing on the field and enjoying the new seating in the peace garden.

Home learning:

Spag.com and Mathletics activities have been set – please complete by Wednesday.

Spelling – homophones.

would, wood, your, you’re, some, sum, way, weigh, to, too, pair, pear.

Enjoy your weekend and have a lovely Mothering Sunday,

Miss Pringle

Year 2 Blog Week 25

This week in Religion we have been learning about the Last Supper from the Gospel of St. Luke. The children created amazing 3D scenes of the last supper and used these scenes to retell the story.

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions. The children are very confident in finding the fraction of a shape. We will be looking at fractions of amounts next week.

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed planting the onions and potatoes in the beautiful sunshine this week. We also planted a variety of seeds- including pumpkins, sunflowers and broad beans.

In Art we finished our printing project and put the finishing touches to our clay pots.

Home Learning: Reading comprehension and Mathletics.

Have a peaceful weekend and lovely Mothering Sunday.

Miss Davey

29th March

This week has been another busy one!

The children have been completing their writing of The Dish and the Spoon and The Masked Cleaning Ladies of Om to add to their writing portfolios.  They have added to their english skills and shown such focus in using the strategies of editing to uplevel their writing.

In Maths we have continued with the formal method of multiplication and applying their skills of calculation in solving problems.  Their topic of fractions has also continued. In Science the children have also used the app of Popplet to aid their work.

In RE, we used the art work of Christopher Gosey, who painted Our Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem, to capture his thoughts on this special event.  RE has a natural open frontier with visual, creative and imaginative learning and Gosey’s painting of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem allowed the children to enjoy it in a spiritual way.

Homework for this weekend is:

SPAG.com, Mathletics and Spellings.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Ms Varga

Week 11

We have had a fun week of learning! In Maths we have been ordering the days of the week and the months of the year. We have enjoyed singing songs to help us to remember them. Please continue to practise at home.


In English we have been adding the suffixes ed and ing to words and writing sentences. We had fun playing bingo with the new words we had made and matching pairs.

On Monday, we were excited to see a table set up for a feast. We retold the story of the Last Supper through role play. We had bread and juice and thought about how Jesus and his disciples felt. Then we sequenced the photos of our role play and retold the story. We also did some lovely artwork to show the story of the Last Supper.


On Wednesday, Mr Friedlander from Dame Alice Owen did some scientific investigations with us. First we investigated how boats float. We started with a ball of plasticine and tested whether or not it floated. Then we reshaped the plasticine into the shape of a boat. Then we tested our new boats and they floated! We also mixed water with sugar and food colouring to make a rainbow in a bottle. The children observed very closely and describe what happened using scientific vocabulary.

Homework—Mathletics: Days of the Week and Months of the Year.

Spelling—ue and ew sounds


Have a wonderful weekend.


Happy Mother’s Day!


Mrs Carey



Spring 2 Week 4

Spelling – Homophones 

meat, meet, hear, here, there, their, wear, where, hour, our, knot, not

Please look these words up in the dictionary to check their different meanings.


We are going to 10am Mass on Monday with year 4, it would be lovely to see some friends and family there.

Miss Pringle


Year 2 Blog Week 24

Reception Spring Term Week 10

In RE this week, Reception have been focussing on Luke’s account of Palm Sunday; when Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem on a donkey.  The children demonstrated their understanding of the story through role play, writing their own versions of the story, painting pictures, making palm trees and building their own gates of Jerusalem with small construction.

In Maths, the children have been looking at properties of 2D and 3D shapes, and have been sorting and constructing their own.

The children have also enjoyed listening to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. They have been busy turning the outdoor role play area into a giant’s castle complete with beanstalk, measuring and comparing  objects against giant footprints, creating string instruments, writing different endings to the story  and building their own castles.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer