Autumn 2 Week 8

It has been a busy week filled with a variety of festive fun. On Tuesday, we went to the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime with the rest of the school. Year 5 partnered up with Year 1 and they were excellent role models to the younger children.

On Wednesday it was Christmas jumper day and our Christmas lunch. The food was delicious and everyone had a great time. In the afternoon, the fun continued with the annual talent show. Well done to Liam, Mikey and Maria for representing Year 5.

Today we said good bye to Miss Clapp. It has been wonderful having her in class with us over the past half term. We wish her every success as she continues her training and will no doubt make a fantastic teacher.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your generous gifts. I have enjoyed working with you and your children over the past term and look forward to continuing this in 2019.

Have a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Mrs Lines

Last Week of Autumn Term

What a wonderful week we’ve had. On Monday we were treated to the KS1 Nativity play, which was fantastic, we loved joining in with the songs and seeing our friends/siblings perform. This was followed by a trip to the Panto -Jack and the Beanstalk was excellent – who knew Y3 knew all the songs to Greatest Showman and could dance so well!

We have also enjoyed finishing our Newspaper reports and solving Christmas themed maths activities. There have been many cards, decorations and gifts made also. Well done to all of the children who took part in the Y3 &4 music concert – we were all in awe of your talents.

On Wednesday we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner followed by the famous Pope Paul Talent show. Everyone who auditioned and went through to the final did brilliantly, however a special mention must go to William G and Joseph who won the year group category and to Lottie and Oliver who came third in the sibling category. How talented!

Please read and practice your 3, 4 and 8 timetables over the Christmas break.

Thank you for your lovely cards and generous gifts, I wish you all a restful and happy Christmas. It has been a wonderful term.

Miss Pringle.

Year 6 – 21/12/18

I would like to firstly say a big thank you for your gifts. They are extremely generous and I appreciate them very much.

We have ended the term with lots of Christmas cheer. On Tuesday, we all enjoyed watching the Jack and the Beanstalk panto at the Wyllyotts. Your behaviour was outstanding, Year 6, and you were an example to all in the theatre, not just to your reading partners whom you accompanied.

Wednesday saw the festive combo of Christmas jumpers, Christmas lunch and the talent show – what a treat! Well done to all the finalists for displaying such a wide variety of talent.

On Thursday, the children finished their gym routines and performed them to the rest of the class. I was impressed by your excellent team working and the high quality sequences you put together.

The class also joined forces with Year 3 to create 3D star Christmas decorations.

This week, we also had our final 2 groups leading their Acts of Worship – this time on this Sunday’s Gospel reading (The Visitation). We were even treated to a group-composed hymn – well done!

Last but not least, the Liturgy Group have been busy once again. This week, they have been leading a reflection on the Travelling Nativity in each class, which has really allowed us to think about the true meaning of Christmas.

And that’s a wrap for the first term of year 6! Thank you all for your hard work. Have a well-earned rest and I will see you all on the 8th January.

Miss Donatantonio

Reception- Christmas

What an exciting end to our very first term at Pope Paul!

On Tuesday, we enjoyed watching the pantomime ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, with our Learning Partners and the rest of the school. Thank you to all of the parents who accompanied us.

On Wednesday, we had our Christmas dinner with our friends and teachers. The food was delicious!

This was followed by the school’s annual ‘Pope Paul’s Got Talent’.

In assembly this morning, the Liturgy Group and Year 2 told us the story of Christmas. They were then joined by some special visitors; Aanay’s parents and his new baby sister, who reminded us of how special the birth of a baby is.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the term and for your overwhelming generosity.

We hope you all have a peaceful and happy Christmas.

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer

Year 2 Blog Week 14

To start our week, we attended the Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime in the Wyllyots theatre – Oh no we didn’t! OH YES WE DID!

On Wednesday, we put our Christmas jumpers on and we sat down together for a delicious Christmas meal. After lunch, we gathered in the hall for our annual school talent show. Pope Paul definitely has talent! Year 2 had two amazing entries – A Million Dreams and Drag me Down.

 As the wonder of Christmas surrounds us, may your spirit be renewed with special joy at the miracle of his birth.

Thank you for your generous gifts and beautiful cards.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and happy New Year.

Miss Davey

Week 15

What a fun week we have had! On Tuesday we went went to see Jack and the Beanstalk. The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you for the parents who came to help. Lena got a special invitation to go on stage and she sang beautifully!

On Wednesday, we were all dressed in our Christmas jumpers and had our Christmas lunch!

On Wednesday afternoon we had two great acts in the talent show. A group dancing to Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and a group singing Last Christmas. Fern, Hanna, Julia and Amber came joint second singing Last Christmas.

We hope you like your beautiful Christmas presents made by the children with Mrs Burgess.

Thank you for your generous gifts and cards.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mrs Carey

14th December, 2018

This week, the children took part in the Advent service at Our Lady and St Vincent’s Church.  The children worked well to ensure that the story of Las Posadas was told and sang our Mexican song fantastically!

In RE we have been looking at how Catholics prepare for Christmas around the world; examined the Gospel readings in Luke’s Gospel and how he records the birth of Jesus.

The children have been responding to the Big Question:

How much does the celebration of Christmas today include remembering the incarnation of God?


As a special treat, the children took part in a Santa Sleigh Challenge which involved the use of spaghetti, marshmallows, chocolate Santas and reindeer and they were asked to design and make their own Santa sleigh with Rudolph at the helm.  They worked with a partner and the classroom was buzzing with excitement as they tested out their final designs.


This afternoon, all the junior children had a special visitor, Vincent, from the Oscar Romero Society.  He is the brother of Mrs Pandeli and his interactive talk with lovely visual items enabled the children to participate in finding out more about Oscar Romero.

Homework for this weekend is:

RE: Research and find out about some of the customs of Christmas which celebrate the birth of Jesus in the different parts of our world.

SPAG: plurals and apostrophes

Mathletics:  log on to see the activities that have been assigned to you.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Miss Varga.

Reception Blog 14.12.18

After the excitement of last week’s Nativity performance, we have tried hard to keep to the usual daily class routines!

In Maths, we have been very busy focussing our learning on the concept of time. The class have had lots of fun trying to complete various challenges against the clock, using both digital and sand timers. Activities included counting how many times the children could race their didi cars up and down the playground in a minute. Seeing how many times they could sing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’, seeing how high they could build a tower in a minute and counting how many times they could write their name.

The children have engaged in a range of different activities focussing on the Nativity. They wrote their own versions, sequenced the story, role played using props and costumes from last week’s performance, made stables from various materials and even made the road to Bethlehem, complete with a tollgate!

The children also enjoyed watching their friends in KS1 perform their own version of the Nativity.


Children, please remember to practise your act, if you intend to audition for Pope Paul’s Got Talent on Monday!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer

Year 6 – 14/12/18

We continued on our journey of Advent this week with acts of worship based on this Sunday’ Gospel reading. Thank you to those children who led us in more beautiful reflection. On Tuesday night, the class participated in the KS2 Advent Service at the church and displayed their talents of singing, dancing, acting and reading with reverence and maturity. Well done for being such fantastic ambassadors for our school.

On Wednesday and Thursday,  Year 5 and 6 were treated to music concerts showcasing the talents of the classes’ guitar, vocal, piano and string students. Well done to all the performers: you certainly lived out the school’s mission value of using your talents, and the festive numbers definitely got us all into the Christmas spirit!

Today, we were visited by Vincent from the Oscar Romero Society. He was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of St Romero and the children were interested to learn more about Romero crosses and about his work with St Paul. They also enjoyed trying on the stoles and skull caps!

This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 18th December) is as follows:

English Schofield & Sims English Skills : Section 1 Test 5 – to be completed in pink Home Learning book
Spellings Words from the Y5/Y6 spelling list (see below for word list) – spelling sentences to be written in pink Home Learning book.

Times tables

Mathletics tasks.

Continue to revise all times tables and to use

Reading Continue to use

Daily reading, with parent signature once a week.

Spelling list (to be tested Friday 21st December)

Words from the Y5/Y6 spelling list

achieve amateur
ancient available
average awkward
bargain bruise
category cemetery
competition criticise
curiosity definite
desperate determined

Well done to all of today’s auditionees for the talent show. Your votes have been counted and I can confirm that the two acts with the highest number of votes and who will therefore be representing Year 6 in Wednesday’s final are:

Francesco, Alessandro, Deya and Claudia

Keira, Keira, Ciara

Autumn 2 Week 7

This week, the children sang and spoke beautifully at our KS2 advent service. They put a lot of effort into rehearsing and it paid off; they did a wonderful job.

We were treated to two musical performances this week with a guitar concert on Wednesday and a piano,singing, cello and violin concert on Thursday. Well done to the children who performed. Your dedication and practice were evident.

We have continued on our advent journey this week by looking at the purpose of Luke’s Nativity story. We have also enjoyed taking part in acts of worship created by the children that are based on the advent gospel readings. This has really helped us to focus our minds and prepare for the birth of Christ.


We were very lucky today as we were visited by Vincent from the Oscar Romeo Society. He spoke about his work and the links between Oscar Romero and St Paul VI. Vincent also brought along some garments in the style of Oscar Romero for us to try on.

On Monday, we will have auditions for our class entries to the school talent show. Get practising and I look forward to seeing these on Monday.

Have a fantastic weekend

Mrs Lines and Miss Clapp