29th June, 2018

As this month comes to a close, we celebrated today’s feast day with a mass at Our Lady and St Vincent’s Church with Fr Shaun.  Well done to Luca, Luka, Maria, Samuel and Evie who read their bidding prayers so well and well done to Louise, Owen, Giovanna and David who played drums/percussion for the African response.

In Maths this week, we have looked at plotting polygons, and in RE have continued our work on discipleship and the children have written some very creative things on St Peter and Paul.  We have been practising for Sports Day which is on July 6th and a letter has gone home about this special day as we will be having a family picnic at lunchtime.

On Thursday many of the class attended the community mass at Nicholas Breakspear singing with the choir.  The children sang beautifully in front of 450 children and after eating lunch played a game of rounders against St Theresa’s School in Borehamwood.

IMG_1845IMG_1816 IMG_1825


Homework this weekend is Mathletics and SPAG. The spellings are the same as last week as many children have found the use of the prefix tricky to remember.

illogical     illegal   disqualify  impatient  illiterate  kind   unkind   illegible impractical  disobey

There seemed to be a problem with SPAG.com so I have reset the homework and apologise for this inconvenience.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Strawberry Fayre on Sunday!




Kingswood Day 5

Breakfast, stripping beds, orienteering, team games and lunch were what went down today, before we boarded the coach and made our way back to Potters Bar.

It has been a fantastic week: the sun has shone, children have challenged their fears, friendships have been strengthened, and everlasting memories have been made. Well done for the wonderful behaviour that you have shown and for making us proud teachers! Have a good rest this weekend and we’ll see you next week.

DSC03083 DSC03082 DSC03075 DSC03070 DSC03067 DSC03066 DSC03060 DSC03057 DSC03050 DSC03046 DSC03037 DSC03034 DSC03032

Year 2 Blog Week 35

This week the children have been presenting their Land Ahoy projects to the class. We have seen some amazing 3D models of ships, treasure chests, anchors and treasure islands. We listened carefully as all the wonderful messages in the bottles and treasure maps were read out. We enjoyed looking at the fantastic drawings of the Titanic. We also had some very inspiring computing based projects, which included a Powerpoint presentation and a Youtube video. I have been blown away by the children’s creativity and the tremendous effort that has been put into this Home Learning project. We will continue presenting the rest of the projects next week. IMG_2092 IMG_2095IMG_2103 IMG_2102 IMG_2100 IMG_2099 IMG_2097 IMG_2096 IMG_2093

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, It’s a pirate’s life for me! Year 2 had great fun this week creating their very own pirate puppets. The children used felt to bring their templates to life. IMG_2054 IMG_2053 IMG_2052 IMG_2051 IMG_2108 IMG_2109 IMG_2110





The children enjoyed using the ipads this week to complete some Mathletics activities. We even had some Bronze Certificates awarded in the session. Remember to complete this week’s Mathlectics Home Learning and YOU could be our next Year 2 Mathlete.

IMG_2107 IMG_2106 IMG_2105 IMG_2104




Year 2 were treated to a wonderful music concert on Thursday. Everyone performed beautifully and with great confidence! Congratulations to all of the musicians and singers, especially Alice, Phoebe, Nichola, Sami, Sandro, James and William G.

Home Learning

Mathletics: Number up to 100

Spag.com: Terminology

Spellings: Common Exception words

  1. even
  2. father
  3. should
  4. would
  5. water
  6. sure
  7. after
  8. again
  9. money
  10. who

Spelling test next Friday 6th July

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Davey

Year 5 29/6/2018

Another busy week has flown by and what a scorcher it was! Despite the heat, the children have maintained concentration to complete some wonderful learning. In English we have focused on sentence structure, we have solved percentage problems in Maths and our cam toys are in production.

On Tuesday, eleven members of year 5 attended a rounders tournament at Dame Alice Owens School. They showed fantastic sportsmanship at all times and their skills were fantastic. Well done to Sean, Alessandro, Francesco, Jaineel, Will, Sofia, Ciara, Keira C, Maria, Sophie and Claudia; you represented Pope Paul well. Like last Thursday, many of year 5 visited Nicholas Breakspear. This time it was to perform in the choir. We took this opportunity to give Mr Linanne our letters of thanks for our taster day.


This morning, we attended mass at OLSV for the Feast of St Peter and St Paul. Year 5 behaved reverently throughout and Kiera C, Will and Claudia read beautifully- well done.


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the summer fayre


Mrs Lines


Home Leaning

When handing home learning on Tuesday, please can all text books now be returned. Home learning will be completed online for the final two weeks.


Book 4: pg 40 and 41- Solving fraction and decimal problems.

Book 5: pg 42 and 43- fraction, percentage and decimal problems





The focus of our spelling is on creating plurals when the word ends in ‘y’. The words selected are from the root words on the national year 5 and 6 list.











Kingswood Day 4

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 17.13.24 WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 17.14.06 WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 17.14.13 WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 17.14.15 WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 17.14.16 WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 17.38.10 WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 17.38.11 DSC03006 DSC03007 DSC03008 DSC03012 DSC03015 DSC03020 DSC03021 DSC03025 DSC03026 DSC03027WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 22.24.11How is it Day 4 already?! Well they do say that time flies when you’re having fun.

After devouring another Full English, it was onto go-karting, problem solving and environmental art. Some of the children could have given Lewis Hamilton a run for his money in the go-karts!

In the afternoon, things got very wet and sandy down at the beach. Some enjoyed a spot of crabbing, some made sandcastles whilst others were buried alive! It certainly was a highlight!

To end a lovely day, our evening activities consisted of archery, caving and watching the football – a shame we didn’t get the result we wanted though!

The children have loved receiving all your messages and are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow afternoon fresh off the coach! Before that though, they have orienteering and team games to look forward to before we set off after lunch. Will try and get a blog post in before departure!

DSC02932 DSC02935 DSC02937 DSC02939 DSC02940 DSC02941 DSC02943 DSC02944 DSC02945 DSC02946 DSC02947 DSC02948 DSC02949 DSC02951 DSC02952 DSC02954 DSC02956 DSC02957 DSC02960 IMG-20180628-WA0001 IMG-20180628-WA0002 IMG-20180628-WA0012 IMG-20180628-WA0010DSC02991DSC02989DSC02988DSC02984DSC02986DSC02987DSC02982DSC02981DSC02979DSC02975DSC02973DSC02971DSC02969DSC02968DSC02967DSC02965DSC02964DSC02963DSC02961WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 22.32.01

Kingswood Day 3

Day 3 is upon us and after fuelling up on another cooked breakfast, it was time to get started on this morning’s activities: fire lighting, problem solving and low ropes.20180627_11010120180627_110253

In the afternoon, we encountered our first track experience. Formula 1 here we come! Caving tested the nerves of many – all emerged unscathed and with wild tales to tell! Cooperation, communication and resilience skills were all put to the test next in Jacob’s Ladder.

After a roast dinner, the children put their glad rags on and busted some serious moves on the dancefloor.

The sun has continued to shine, the sun cream has been regularly applied and the children have been praised for their good behaviour and teamwork.

The children have been posting letters and are eager to hear your news from home – thanks to all who have been commenting on the blog and sending updates via email!


DSC02801DSC02796DSC02794DSC02894DSC02898DSC02913DSC02914DSC02916DSC02920DSC02921DSC02931DSC02784 DSC02786 DSC02787 DSC02782 DSC02781 DSC02780 DSC02775 DSC02776 DSC02774 DSC02771 DSC02770 DSC02768 DSC02758 DSC02766 DSC02747 DSC02750 DSC02756 DSC02744 DSC02743 DSC02741 DSC0273920180627_113333 20180627_103410


Kingswood Day 2

IMG-20180626-WA0002 IMG-20180626-WA0003 IMG-20180626-WA0004 IMG-20180626-WA0007 IMG-20180626-WA0015 IMG-20180626-WA0019 IMG-20180626-WA0022 IMG-20180626-WA0025After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, it was time for our first activities of the day. Group 1 conquered their fears to whizz through the air at high speed on the zip wire, whilst Group 2 put their climbing skills to the test and scaled a 25ft wall!

Next the children put their blindfolds on and put their trust in their peers as they followed a trail through tunnels and tyres on their hands and knees.

Lunch was a choice of BBQ chicken wrap, sausage roll or jacket potato, after which it was onto fencing, bouldering, fire lighting and tackling an obstacle course.

More good food was consumed in the form of butter chicken or pasta bake followed by strawberry cheesecake, which set Y6 up well for Low Ropes and Trail of Mystery.

After another jam-packed sunny day, it was time to recharge their batteries once again and hit the sack.

The children loved receiving your emails – thanks for sending those through!


DSC02695 DSC02696 DSC02693 DSC02687 DSC02691 DSC02692 DSC02685 DSC02683 DSC02681 DSC02676 DSC02678 DSC02679 DSC02671 DSC02669 DSC02665 DSC02639 DSC02656 DSC02663 DSC02635 DSC02623 DSC02617 DSC02619 DSC02620 DSC02626 DSC02614 DSC02612 DSC02610 DSC02609

DSC02557 DSC02558 DSC02559 DSC02565 DSC02566 DSC02567 DSC02568 DSC02573 DSC02576 DSC02577 DSC02578 DSC02579 DSC02582 DSC02584 DSC02591 DSC02600 DSC02602 DSC02608

Kingswood Day 1

We’ve arrived! We had a smooth journey up the country and have been enjoying the sun since we got here. Upon arrival, the children had fun on the field playing football and volleyball with beautiful sea views! Then came the first test: making their beds. Let’s just say they need a lot more practice before they are pros!

For dinner, we enjoyed lasagne or chicken and wedges, with gooey brownie for pudding.

After that, we had Problem Solving, during which the class wowed our instructor by answering his riddles in record time! They had a bit more trouble trying to figure out how to escape from knotted ropes though.

Our final activity of the day was singing, telling jokes, drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows on the campfire as the sunset.

DSC02507 DSC02511 DSC02513 DSC02515 DSC02516 DSC02517 DSC02519 DSC02520 DSC02522 DSC02525 DSC02529 DSC02530 DSC02531 DSC02534 DSC02539 DSC02550 DSC02553 DSC02555

DSC02503 DSC02497 DSC02499 DSC02496 DSC02495 DSC02485 DSC02487 DSC02489 DSC02491 DSC02493 DSC02481 DSC02479 DSC02477 DSC02476 DSC02467 DSC02468 DSC02470 DSC02474 DSC02472 DSC02466 DSC02465 DSC02463 DSC02462 DSC02461 DSC02460 DSC02459



Safely Arrived!

Our Year 6 children have arrive safely at the Kingswood Centre.

The sun is shining and everyone is fine.

22nd June, 2018

IMG_1660IMG_1663This week has flown by!  We’ve been part of the audience watching the Year 6 production of Bugsy Malone on Tuesday which we really enjoyed and also the Guitar concert on Wednesday morning.  Well done to Elysia, Evie, Matthew A, Matthew D, Maks, Nick and Samuel on their wonderful performances.  Each of them has shown such progress from the start of the year. Congratulations! The children played their guitars with such confidence – the audience of children and family members clearly enjoyed the tunes played.

This week we have continued with our Maths learning – looking at Roman Numerals at the start of the week and investigating different types of triangles (Isosceles, Right-angled, Scalene).  It was great to hear the children discuss the various sizes of angles (obtuse, acute and right-angled).

In English we are writing up our Narratives using description to add more meaning and dialogue to bring the story alive.

In RE we have looked at the importance of the Martyrs and examined the Gospel for this Sunday’s Mass – The birth of John the Baptist.

In Drumming we have been preparing a special song to sing and perform at St Peter and Paul’s Mass on Friday.


Click below for our spellings this week: Spellings for unit 10 HW

Maths – Log onto your Mathletics account – complete the activities on angles and types of triangles.  I encourage your child to sit at the computer with a pencil and paper and use them to assist in answering the questions given.

Topics covered are: angles, triangles etc..

Log onto Oxford Owl and try reading one of the books from the bookshelf.

Log in details are:


Log in: Year 4 loves books

Password: McNamara

Happy Reading!