20.4.20 – learning

Good Morning,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. Please find below today’s learning and remember if you have any questions or want to share your learning with me, please email me on year3@popepaul.herts.sch.uk.

Miss Pringle

Fitness and health Kick start your day with active kids – choose two of the activities from this link to complete – activities can be completed inside your home or  in the garden. Enjoy.


Spelling/ handwriting 


Copy the 10 spelling  into your handwriting books four times.


Remember to use the guidelines and use my example to check the correct letter formation.


Words ending in ary.













Project about a topic of your choice

Choose a topic of your choice (for example an animal, hobby, sport, musician, place or person) and each day this week write a paragraph about it.


Remember to include subheadings, interesting facts, drawings or photos and technical language (and a glossary to explain these words if needed).


Previously you have learnt about pronouns so please try to include these in this project to avoid using the same noun in our writing.

Here’s an example to get you started:

Dog project example



David Walliams has been kindly recording free daily audio stories  – please follow this link to enjoy today’s story.


Read with an adult for 15 minutes and Log the book and date in your reading record.



Miss Pringle’s daily fluency


I have put together daily PowerPoints for maths this week. Please read through them and write the answers in your maths books – I will post all of the answers on Friday so you can self mark (sm).

Monday Maths week 1





WALT learning to sketch a cherry blossom.


The cherry blossom trees looks beautiful at the moment so I thought you might enjoy learning how to draw them – maybe you could draw them on cards to send to friends and family.

Using this tutorial please sketch and shade a picture of a cherry blossom – using coloured pencils if possible in order to blend colours.



Start the video at 1 min 30 secs (if at school an adult will need to play and pause the video for you on the classroom board).


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