Good Morning Year 3,

I hope you enjoyed the first spirituality activity yesterday. Thank you once again for emailing me with your learning and news, it is always lovely to hear from you.

Here is some descriptive writing from Eric and Sophie and a virtual hug created on the computer from Violet.

Take care,

Miss Pringle

Spelling Look up each of this weeks spelling words and find out what they mean.


WALT use and identify prepositions


preposition is a word or phrase that tells you where or when something is in relation to something else. Examples of prepositions include words like after, before, on, under, inside and outside.

Answers to yesterday’s learning

Open this document and identify the prepositional phrase. Copy the sentences into your book and underline the prepositional phrase.


I will post the answers tomorrow so that you can self mark your learning.




 While you complete your daily reading see if you can spot any prepositional phrases. Remember to record your reading in your reading record.




I have set a Mathletics activities or tests for you to complete each day this week.




Spirituality Week

The God who speaks at prayer stations.



Thank you for this lovely poster Sophie.

Please open today’s spirituality week blog, where some Year 6 children have recorded audios that will guide you through different prayer stations.

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