In our penultimate week of year 5, we have been busy creating moving toys. Year 5 successfully created linear movement to make their toys bob up and down. As well as creating our toys, we evaluated them and explained why we were also getting some unwanted rotary movement. The children also considered why we were having trouble keeping our follower in line and helped to create solutions to overcome this. The reflections on their toys showed fantastic understanding of cams mechanisms- well done year 5.

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On Tuesday, Year 5 collaborated with year 6 to complete a pieced of mosaic style art. The smaller square images fitted together to create a red, white and blue lion that is displayed in the hall. This time with year 6 gave the year 5 children the opportunity to ask questions about next year and find out what their last year at Pope Paul has in store. Thank you to Year 6 for their wonderful insights.

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The entertainment continued this week as we watched the ‘Year 6 and friends’ performance. Year 5 were represented by Sean and Eden. Well done boys; your hard work and commitment were evident. We also watched the year 4 drummers this afternoon. Many of the year 5s were tapping away as the rhythms from last year’s learning came back to them!

On Thursday, the children visited their new classroom and teacher where they had a great time building newspaper tables. During this time, some of year 5 were asked to speak to the parents of our new reception children to explain what it is like to come to our school. They represented us wonderfully and showed how ready they are to be in year 6.


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Lines


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