Good Morning Y3,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I celebrated VE day by having a BBQ in my garden and listening to 1940s music, which was fun. Did you do anything to celebrate? I hope you are enjoying the online learning. Thank you for the messages and photos you have shared with me. Remember that you can contact me at year3@popepaul.herts.sch.uk

Here are Nathalie and Violet’s excellent evacuee diary entries.


Pope Paul Olympics.

Pope Paul Home Olympics – please open here and complete today’s challenge 11.5.20.

Remember to record your scores and have fun.

Spelling/ handwriting 


Copy the 10 spelling  into your handwriting books four times.


Remember to use the guidelines and use my example to check the correct letter formation.


Words families based on root words ‘struct’ and ‘uni’












English and digial photography.


Each day this week I would like you to take the best photograph you can of an animal or of something in nature. This could be of your pet, a flower, tree, insect, cloud or a rainbow for example.  Remember you can enhance the colours with filters but for this task do not use text or emojis on your photograph. Once you have taken your daily photo you need to write a descriptive paragraph about it.

If you are unable to take photographs please just write about something you see in your garden, out of your window or during your daily exercise.

Remember to apply the skills we have been using in our writing over the past few weeks; noun phrases, compound nouns and past or present tense.

Here is a photo I took on one of my daily walks and an example of a descriptive paragraph.

As I crept through the ancient woodland, I was surrounded by perfumed bluebells. These wild flowers seemed to have burst through the mossy ground and were dancing is the gentle breeze. Treading carefully, I stepped closer to the swaying blue carpet and listened to the birdsong that echoed through the wood. Bees hopped from their sapphire trumpets, collecting pollen for their hives.


I look forward to seeing your different photographs and reading your descriptive paragraphs each day.




Read to a member of your family and log your reading in your reading record.


Please complete this tasks online.

I have set a Mathletics shape activity about different types of lines and a shape test, revising the learning from last week.


Types of line



Take care,

Miss Pringle