10th September, 2021

It has been a busy week in Year 5!  The children have settled back into the classroom routines well and have been very eager to start their new topics in many areas of the curriculum. We have also welcomed two new members to the class – VJ and Nicholas who I am sure will see how special our class and school community are.

On Wednesday, along with the rest of the school, the children celebrated Our Lady’s birthday.  As part of the celebrations, some of the children in Year 5 were chosen to decorate the special birthday cake that was to be presented to the rest of the school and they did a marvellous job working together as a team with Ms Hilton.  A picture of Our Lady was framed in a love heart and surrounded by edible stars and  flowers.

The children each made their own birthday card and carried them in procession to the statue of Our Lady in the Peace Garden.  In the afternoon, they danced in the school playground and had an ice lolly which quenched their thirst from the hot sun.


In RE the children have continued to discuss the Year of Growth and examined why Mary appeared to Bernadette in Lourdes.

In Maths, the children have been developing and building upon their knowledge of place value with numbers up to one million whilst in English the focus has been on building upon their vocabulary knowledge and using this to develop their poetry skills.

It was lovely to see you this afternoon at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting.  I have updated the class page with the power point that was shown and information sheets that were handed out. If you have any queries, please contact me via the school office.

The Home Learning for this week is set out below:


WEEK 1: ough

cough, dough, enough, bought, though, drought, sought, thought, tough, thorough, rough, although

Practise each word using the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method. Ensure your child knows the meaning of each word.

Maths: Log onto Mathletics and complete the tasks that have been set.

Reading: Read daily for at least 10 – 15 minutes.


Find a short poem about a season.   You will be invited to recite it in class.  Here are suggestions to assist you in memorising it:

  1. Get a printed copy of the poem/copy it onto a piece of paper.
  2. Look at the poem and read it out loud.
  3. Turn it over so you can’t see it.
  4. Recite as much of it as you can remember, from the beginning.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you can recite the entire poem from memory.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Mr Holmes