🌸Spring Term Week 1 wb 11.01.22

Happy Friday and welcome to our first full week of the Spring term.

This week we have continued reflecting on the feast of Epiphany and added the Wise men into our own version of the Christmas story. In our new R.E. topic ‘Being a Sacramental People’ we discussed our knowledge of Jesus and the things he achieved.

In art we painted our Kandinsky inspired clay circles and have left them to dry before we glaze them next week.

We completed our ‘Animals and Humans’ Science topic by learning how to identify mammals and how to classify animals according to what they eat. We learnt some rather long scientific new words which were very tricky to spell and read! See below for consolidation home learning activities on carnivore, omnivore and herbivore animals.

As we have already learnt about adjectives and nouns we discovered verbs cause an action- this was a very energetic lesson! We used verbs to write a set of instructions about how to look after the farm as Farmer Duck has now gone on holiday and left the work to us! He left us a letter to explain that we was so fed up and needed a holiday!  The children worked well to hunt around the classroom for the verbs and then used time conjunctions to order them.

In Maths we finished our topic by learning about compass direction, there was a lot of movement involved!


P.E. days are now Monday and Thursday. Children should continue to come in their full P.E. kits on these days. 

Enjoy your weekend and keep warm ❄️,
Miss Lambie

Home learning

  • Science-  Please use https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z6882hv/articles/zp92xnb
    and https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z6882hv/articles/z96vb9q to consolidate the learning in science
  • Phonics- We have come to the end of phase 4 phonics and will soon begin phase 5 sounds. Please use Spelling frame to secure and Phase 3 and 4 sounds and tricky words that your child finds challenging. The common ones are the ‘r’ controlled sounds that the children are mixing up: ar, or, ir, er, ur, ure there’s so many!
  • Reading- Can you now spot any verbs in your reading books? Don’t forget about adjectives and nouns too. As you are reading you can act out the verb when you read it- we’re very active this week!
  • Maths- I wonder if you have a compass at home or can use a compass app with your parents to discover where the North, East, South and West directions are in your home or garden.
    Year 1  enjoyed watching this to see them draw their own map. Some said they would like to do it for extra home learning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4b9tVmmFJE


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