Year 6 Production

Please make sure all lines are learnt by the first day back after half term.

Thank you to those who have already started to bring in costumes. Here’s the powerpoint of ideas for the different characters in the play, to help you select the costume for your role.


Year 6 – 26/05/17

Along with the rest of the school, Year 6 have been participating in Spirituality Week, during which we have been taking the time to find God’s presence in school and in our lives. After assembly on Monday, each pupil in the school made a prayer card for another member of the school to give to them. Year 6 swapped theirs with their Reception reading partners, then spent time reading with them outside to make the most of the beautiful weather.

P1120388 P1120392 P1120393 P1120398 P1120400 P1120403 P1120407 P1120410 P1120413 P1120415 P1120417 P1120422On Wednesday, Year 6 led the prayer stations in the hall, guiding each year group as they took part in various reflective activities. Well done to those Year 6s who led their prayer stations with such reverence.

P1120426 P1120427 P1120429 P1120431 P1120433 P1120434 P1120441 P1120443

Well done to Brody for representing Year 6 so well in Wednesday’s guitar concert; we were all very impressed!


In recognition of the Feast of the Ascension, the children used chalk pastels to show their interpretation of the story.

IMG_20170526_140114 IMG_20170526_140209

I wish you all a glorious half term! We won’t be using scripts for rehearsals after half term, so make sure you learn your lines if you haven’t already done so.

Miss Donatantonio


Year 6 – 19/05/17

This week Year 6 carried out lots of investigations on their new science topic, Light. Laden with torches in our darkened classroom, the children investigated key concepts such as how to make a shadow larger or smaller, what happens when you shine a light through a prism, and how we see something in the dark. We will be exploring these ideas in more depth over the coming weeks.

P1120289 P1120290 P1120291 P1120293 P1120309

We continued on Friday by investigating if light travels in straight lines. The children were set the task of working in groups to create an obstacle course for a laser light, and it was wonderful to hear them discussing what modifications ought to be made for the beam to hit their target.

P1120351 P1120355 P1120358 P1120364 P1120368

In English, the children produced some fantastic pieces of writing based on the chilling short film, Alma. It was great to hear them speculating about the mysterious storyline, and they really worked hard to convey the tense atmosphere within their writing.

Excitedly wandering through the snowy streets, the winter wind sent a shiver down my spine. I kicked the soft, white blanket under my feet as the narrow streets loomed around me. – Ava H

The crystal-like snow was covering the rocky ground and there was no one in sight, except an innocent little girl. – Rosie

Joyfully skipping around town at my favourite time of year, I noticed a narrow alleyway with a doll shop in it. This was perfect. – Josh H

As I have written in the home learning letter for this week, my plan for maths between now and the end of term is to provide the children with lots of opportunities to practise using maths in everyday contexts. This will include investigations and projects that involve budgeting and building up more financial awareness, for example. As such, Year 6 began this week designing a lunar theme park with a budget of half a million pounds. In the coming lessons, we shall see whose theme park will be the most lucrative!

The excitement for the whole school this week was, of course, the making of the school mosaic as part of the 50 years celebrations. On Thursday, Year 6 got the opportunity to lay the pieces of tile for each of the four houses; St Vincent, St Bernadette, St Francis and St Louise. Everyone was excited for the grand unveiling on Friday afternoon, and I think everyone agrees that the finished piece is stunning.

P1120328 P1120331 P1120337 P1120339 P1120343 P1120346P1120377

Please click here for the home learning project to be completed over the coming weeks.

We’ll be doing lots of work on the Y6 production this week, so please continue to learn your lines.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Donatantonio


Kingswood Information Evening 2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those who came to the Kingswood information evening on Wednesday; it was great to see so many of you there. As promised, here is the powerpoint containing all the information given:

Kingswood Information Evening 2017

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.


Year 6 – 12/05/17 SATs week

I would like to begin by expressing my pride at how maturely Y6 approached their SATs this week. They all put in their best efforts and kept up the focus through all 6 tests. A huge well done to each of you.

After the SATS morning, the children spent Thursday afternoon making group graffiti pieces. They have brightened up our classroom no end!

P1120216 P1120218 P1120220 P1120221 P1120222 P1120223 P1120224 P1120225

On Thursday evening, I got a fright when I opened a box of potatoes that I’d had for a few months, to find that they were practically climbing out the box with the massive tentacle-like limbs that had sprouted from them, desperate to find light. Thus, we had a combined art and science lesson on Friday morning, observing the potatoes through still-life drawings, and discussing what had happened to them. We will plant them next week and see if they will still grow.

P1120270 P1120272 P1120274

Well done to Amelia B and Daniel for leading the school in the beautiful May Procession.

P1120243 P1120255

Children, please practise the following lines for the relevant part you’re going to audition for:

  • Deadeye – p.6 “I’ll tell you a story…” until “…Well, that is, until now”.
  • Pearl/Liza/Jack – p.11-12 “Did you hear what….” until “Your father always said so.” FOLLOWED BY song on page 24 “Beneath The Same Starry Sky”.
  • Scuttle/Slack – p.18 “Cockles and muscles!” until “You’re all cockle and no muscle!”
  • Hornhonker/Cod – p.15 “Ah, Captain Cod, I presume” until “I’m going to have to get used to all these new technical terms!”
  • Baggywrinkle/Blunderbus/Barnacles/Bullyrag/Broadside/Bilboe/Bilge – p.12-14 “Where’s the safe?” until “Aargh, you fool!”
  • Redbeard/Squawk – p.22 “Squawk, my feathery friend” until “Where do you usually go?” FOLLOWED BY (for Redbeard) song on p.31 “Piratical Style” verse 1
  • Wally/Pratt – p.25 “Well, Captain Cod, we’ve done…” until “You seem to be infested with…”
  • Lofty/Cutthroat – p.16-17 “Lofty, sir” until “No, I mean we haven’t got enough hands.”
  • Fathom/Fender/Ping/Pong/Wiff/Waff/Tick/Tack/Toe – p.40-41 “It’s the natives!” until “In the sea of Sciatica!”
  • Louie – p.22 “Captain Redbeard, the crew are unsettled” until “Look lively, you scurvy dogs!”

Here’s the link to the video of it we watched earlier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXC6X_JCbBY

Please comment below if you’re confused about anything for the auditions, and I’ll try and clarify asap.

Have a very restful weekend.

Miss Donatantonio


Year 6 – 05/05/17

In our final, albeit short week before SATs, the children have continued to work hard with revision. You should all be proud of the efforts you have put in, regardless of next week’s tests. On Friday morning we had an Act of Worship on the theme of doing our best and persevering when we find something difficult.

Part of our maths revision was focused on coordinates. Here are some of the coordinte drawings the children made:

DSC05147 DSC05148 DSC05149 DSC05150

Although there is no set home learning this week, please revise any areas you feel you need to brush up on. But please don’t worry about next week, you’re all brilliant whatever ‘mark’ you get. Enjoy your weekend.

Miss Donatantonio


Le Gros Netball Tournament

On Wednesday, our Year 5 and 6 netballers took part in the Le Gros Netball Tournament at Mount Grace School. There were 16 teams in total from schools across Potters Bar, and both teams represented the school brilliantly. Here are the tournament reports from both A and B team.

A Team report – by Ruby, Louise & Amelia

On Wednesday, the Netball A team participated in Mount Grace’s ‘Le Gros’ tournament. We firstly played Ladbrook A and drew 2-2. Our next match was against Cuffley A. They were a tricky team to play yet we won 3-2. Stormont were the next team who played us. Unfortunately, we lost 9-5, even with all our hard work. Then, we went on to play Little Heath B and won 5-1. Our defense was excellent in this match. Our final match was against Brookmans Park B and we won 5-0. We were very happy with our scores and were delighted to get to the semi-finals. The semis were hard and we were up against Stormont again. Sadly, we lost 9-4. Well played by our A team.

B Team report – by Ellie & Maddie

On Wednesday, we played at the Le Gros tounarment at at Mount Grace School. The B team’s first match was against Little Heath A team. Our next match was against Ponsbourne A team. Later on, we scored a few goals but finally they won. Our second last match was against Wroxham A team. We were down one player half way, as Elle had injured her leg, but we still played well. Finally we played Ladbrooke B team and luckily Ellie got back up and played. We worked hard but unfortunately didn’t get into the semi-finals.



Year 6 – 28/04/17

Year 6 have been continuing to work hard preparing for their SAT in May. This week Year 6 have looked at the post-Resurrection story of Doubting Thomas. Children were hot-seated to help them to empathise with Thomas when he needed to see the wounds of Jesus in order to believe that He had indeed risen.


Following last term’s Past Pupil day interview, the children wrote reports about the interview that was conducted with Mrs O’Keeffe. Some of these have been put on the Y5/6 board in the hall.

The children created some beautiful pieces of watercolour art today, on the theme of New Life. These will be completed next week. Here are some pieces of work in progress:

P1120203 P1120204 P1120205 P1120206 P1120207

For Golden Time this week, Year 6 had the chance to share Reception’s new outdoor learning area. It’s a fantastic space and as usual it was a joy to watch the Year 6s interact so nicely and responsibly with their young buddies.

P1120182 P1120178 P1120180 P1120184 P1120187 P1120189 P1120196 P1120197 P1120200 P1120202

Once again, the Science Club and Geology Club were leading hands-on sessions with children from the younger years. I have seen the planning and preparation that goes into the sessions, and it is fantastic to see such effort being put in.

P1120163 P1120167 P1120171 P1120177

For this week’s home learning breakdown, click here.

See my last blog post for the links to the SPaG revision – click here.

For the powerpoint about tips and techniques for the reading test, click here.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend, and I’ll see you all on Tuesday.

Miss Dontantonio


SATs revision

SATs 2017

As I said in class, each evening I will upload a powerpoint and video link to help consolidate each grammar focus we visit between now and the SATs. I will also set a relevant spag.com test for you to see where you need to do further revision. I hope to update this post each day, so please make use of this resource.

Tuesday 18th April

Today we focused on the subjunctive form in the morning, and on prepositions after lunch.

For the Subjunctive powerpoint I used, click here.

Here is a video that explains in further detail:

Visit www.spag.com and click on Formal & informal (A) to test yourself on the subjunctive form.

For the powerpoint about prepositions, click here.

We also looked at those prepositions that can also be subordinating conjunctions. The video below explains how to tell which is which:

Visit www.spag.com and click on Prepositions & adverbs (A) to test yourself on prepositions.


Wednesday 19th April

Today we focused on the present perfect and past perfect.

For the powerpoint about present perfect and past perfect tense, click here.

Here is a video to further explain the past perfect tense:

Visit www.spag.com and click on Verbs in perfect form to test yourself.


Thursday 20th April

Today we focused on adverbials in the morning, and on modal verbs after lunch.

For the powerpoint on adverbials, click here.

Watch this video for further help on adverbials.

Visit spag.com and test yourself with the tests entitled Prepositions & adverbs and Fronted Adverbials (B)

For the powerpoint about modal verbs, click here.

Try Probability words on spag.com to test yourself.

LINK FOR THIS WEEK’S SPELLING PRACTICE (Commonly misspelt words): https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/list.cfm?wordlist=4894


Monday 24th April

Today, we looked at synonyms and antonyms.

For the powerpoint on synonyms and antonyms, click here.

Try Synonyms and antonyms (A) and (B) on www.spag.com to test yourself.


Tuesday 25th April

This afternoon, the grammar focus was on formal and informal English.

Click here for a powerpoint to explain the difference between formal and informal language.

Try Formal and informal (B) – and (A) if you’ve not already done so – on www.spag.com to test yourself.


Wednesday 26th April

Today, we revised phrases and clauses.

For the powerpoint on phrases and clauses, click here.

Here is a powerpoint to reinforce this further (an independent clause is the same as a main clause):

On spag.com, try Subordinate clauses and conjunctions (A) and (B) to test yourself.


Thursday 27th April

We finished learning about clauses this morning with some revision of relative clauses. Look towards the end of yesterday’s powerpoint to go over the relative slides.

To test yourself, take the Relative clauses test on spag.com


Wednesday 3rd May

We covered determiners this morning. Click here for the powerpoint that I used.

For further revision, this is a really clear video explaining determiners:

In the afternoon we revised passive voice.

For the powerpoint quiz, click here.

Here’s a great video to help you understand the difference between active and passive voice:

The most recent tests I’ve put onto spag.com are called Passive & active (A) and (B). Please have a go at testing yourself.


Year 6 – 31/03/17

We have had a very busy final fortnight in Year 6. Well done for all the hard work  over the entire term. On Wednesday, as part of Past Pupil Week, we welcomed Mrs O’Keeffe to the class and asked her questions about her time at Pope Paul as a pupil. Everyone enjoyed hearing about the differences between then and now, and were particularly envious that there were no SATs back then! After the holidays, the children will be writing up the interview.


Some of Year 6 also had the pleasure of holding a focus group with two ex-teachers from the school, who brought with them some fascinating Pope Paul memorabilia.


Year 6 enjoyed the road safety talk (which made us all think more carefully about how we cross the road) and the chance to sit in a Sainsbury’s lorry.

P1120092 P1120094 P1120102

To make the most of the good weather, the class completed an Easter maths hunt in the peace garden, which put their fraction/decimal/percentage knowledge to the test.

P1120035 P1120039 P1120040 P1120045 P1120052 P1120054

The children practised their blending skills in art by making Easter cards.

P1120055 P1120056P1120110 P1120111

Once again, the Geology Club has been pulling out all the stops with their lunchtime session with the Year 3s. The time and effort they put into preparing these sessions is highly commendable.

P1120148 P1120150

Geology Club isn’t the only lunchtime science club that has been going on. Joseph and Matthew A have also been busy preparing a more physics-based series of sessions for the Year 4s. This week, they taught them how to create a glider, thinking about the aerodynamics of it. Keep it up boys!



As I mentioned when giving out the SATs revision packs on Friday, here you can find the Grammar Bank with the definitions of all the SPaG points you need to know.

I have updated spag.com with new tests for you to practise on.

Please get a good rest after such a busy term. I wish you and your families a very happy and holy Easter.

Miss Donatantonio