Willows Farm

What a wonderful day was had by all!

The children started the day by thinking about what animals need to stay healthy. We then went with our guide Danielle, to the large indoor animal house, where we saw and fed the shire horses, donkeys, goats, alpacas, rabbits and pigs. Some of us held the guinea pigs!

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Next, we visited the reindeer and goats. Did you know that a male reindeer loses it’s antlers before Christmas every year and a female after Christmas? They grow back exactly the same shape but every year they get bigger! That must make the reindeers belonging to Father Christmas all female!!

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Then it was show time!

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Then we learnt about how cows are milked and what everyday foods start out as milk. We also had a go at milking.

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There was just enough time before lunch to go on a tractor ride.

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After lunch, we let off some energy in the Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground, before watching the sheep race.

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An early night needed for everyone I think!

Enjoy your evening,

The Early Years Team

Traditional English Folk Dancing

The highlight of the week by far was when Reception participated in a traditional English folk dancing workshop. The children absolutely loved every minute of it.

Please see the following videos for an insight into their session!

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Early Years Team


Garden Party, Pirates and More…

What a busy week we have had. The children have definitely led us in their learning this week- diverting us slightly off topic and immerging us in the world of pirates, during Child Initiated Learning! We have been busy making pirate ships, flags, props and drawing our own treasure maps and writing clues.

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During assembly on Monday, we were visited by Affinity Water, who taught us about the water cycle and how to be water efficient.  The demonstrations were lots of fun!

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On Monday afternoon, we were treated to the Year 6 show- Pirates of the Curry Bean. Reception thought that their reading partners were fantastic!

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The rest of the week was spent preparing for the garden party on Friday. We learnt all about our assigned decade- the 80s. We looked at (and laughed at) the fashion, listened to 80s music and learnt about the toys that were popular during that era. The children could not believe the size of the mobile phones during that time! We designed our garden and spent Thursday getting it ready.

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Finally, on Friday we had lots of fun celebrating!


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Thank you so much for your kind donations of cakes.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Early Years Team.


Sports Day

It was a wonderful first ever sports day for Reception on Friday and the children enjoyed every minute of it!

Well done everyone!

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Spirituality Week, Tie Dye and Celebration Morning

Wow! What a busy week we have had; our feet haven’t touched the ground since Monday!

The start of the week saw the introduction to Spirituality week, where the children made prayer cards and shared them with their Year 6 partners.

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On Tuesday, we asked ourselves the question, ‘Where do I see God?’

On Wednesday, we were led through the various prayer stations by Year 6. The Reception children were respectful and  prayerful throughout.

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On Tuesday, we tie dyed our t shirts ready for the Potters Bar carnival next month. Remember to give them a wash on their own, either by hand or on a quick cycle in the washing machine.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful turnout at the Celebration Morning today. I hope you enjoyed sharing your child’s learning.

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Have a wonderful half term holiday.

The Reception Team


Year 6 – 26/05/17

Along with the rest of the school, Year 6 have been participating in Spirituality Week, during which we have been taking the time to find God’s presence in school and in our lives. After assembly on Monday, each pupil in the school made a prayer card for another member of the school to give to them. Year 6 swapped theirs with their Reception reading partners, then spent time reading with them outside to make the most of the beautiful weather.

P1120388 P1120392 P1120393 P1120398 P1120400 P1120403 P1120407 P1120410 P1120413 P1120415 P1120417 P1120422On Wednesday, Year 6 led the prayer stations in the hall, guiding each year group as they took part in various reflective activities. Well done to those Year 6s who led their prayer stations with such reverence.

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Well done to Brody for representing Year 6 so well in Wednesday’s guitar concert; we were all very impressed!


In recognition of the Feast of the Ascension, the children used chalk pastels to show their interpretation of the story.

IMG_20170526_140114 IMG_20170526_140209

I wish you all a glorious half term! We won’t be using scripts for rehearsals after half term, so make sure you learn your lines if you haven’t already done so.

Miss Donatantonio


Singing About Bugs

Reception have been very busy learning new songs in class!

What do you think?

We have had an extremely busy week learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and helping to create the new school mosaic.

We were lucky enough to find two caterpillars crawling around the outside area this week, and so we put them in our caterpillar house. To our amazement, they both decided that they quite liked their new surroundings and each spun a chrysalis! We even managed to catch one in the act itself, and watched it on the class interactive whiteboard, using the visualiser. Nature in all it’s glory!

This inspired us to try to find more caterpillars or butterfly eggs outside.003

004 005 006 007 009 034 035 036 266 267 268 269 270 271 278 284They proved very tricky to find, but after a few days of searching, we came across these bright, yellow eggs.

What creature do they belong to? We are not sure; please tell us if you know!

We also had lots of fun helping to create the 50 years celebratory mosaic.

148 152 156 163 166 169 170 175 180 183 185 192 197 202 207 210 214 218 225

Next week we are looking forward to Spirituality Week and learning about the song ‘ The Ugly Bug Ball’.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team


Skittles Subtraction

This week, Reception have been reinforcing their understanding of subtraction in a range of different ways. The most popular activity by far was ‘Skittles Subtraction’. The children had to try to knock down the skittles and then write the subtraction sentence that went with it. As you can see, they had lots of fun!

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In Literacy, we have continued to focus on the story ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been learning the Superworm song, hatching our own plan to save him and retelling the story using our individual or group story maps.

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In Knowledge and Understanding the World, we have continued to learn about worms and other mini-beasts. We have been asking ourselves scientific questions such as ‘Can worms see in the dark?’ and ‘Are worms safe from predators because they live underground?’ We have also been categorising foods and other things that we think worms do and do not eat.

The Reception were as usual, exceptionally well behaved in this morning’s May Procession in honour of Our Lady.

Well done children!

Next week, we are going to be thinking about the life cycle of a butterfly and focussing on the story, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Early Years Team


This week we have been learning all about the vital role that earthworms play in keeping our soil aerated and rich in nutrients. Over the next couple of weeks, we aim to observe worm’s movements through the wormery that we constructed on Tuesday.

You can make one at home by following our instructions:

  1. Fill a clear container with layers of soil and sand. The sand layers should ideally be thinner!001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008

009 010 011

2.  Next, add some fresh vegetable peelings, leaves and water.


3. Dig for worms.

040 041 042 043 044

4. Add your freshly dug worms on to the top of the wormery and watch them disappear into the soil.

046 047 048 049

6. Finally, place some black card or paper around your container- worms like the dark. After a couple of weeks, you should be able to clearly see the tracks of the worms.

Fun fact Did you know that a worm has five hearts?

What other facts can you find out about worms this weekend? 

Five house points and a Learning Power sticker to anyone from Reception who can tell us three new facts!

Have a great weekend!

The Early Years Team




PE with Mr Dugan

Earlier this week we met Mr Dugan, a PE teacher from Dame Alice Owen School. This term he is going to be teaching Reception lots of different sports skills, every Tuesday afternoon.

This week we learnt the importance of working together as a team.

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