Kingswood Information Evening 2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those who came to the Kingswood information evening on Wednesday; it was great to see so many of you there. As promised, here is the powerpoint containing all the information given:

Kingswood Information Evening 2017

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.


Kingswood Day 4

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Good evening parents,

After a night of mystery whereby the children had to solve the kidnapping of Mickey Mouse and interview Cruella De Ville (Ms Davey) amongst other Disney villains, the chidren were hard to wake! It took quite a lot of convincing to get some of them out of bed and into the showers and actually wash! Once they eventually emerged and had breakfast, the morning began with some team challenges and environmental art. Ella and Sophie’s creative juices were flowing when they made a hedgehog out of pine cones and Adam was a star leader in team challenges by motivating the team over the wall.

Then off for a fun swim before lunch. They all splashed around, played water polo and generally had great fun. The afternoon was spent fencing – Rebecca claiming ‘it’s harder than it looks Miss’, more nightline and climbing. Debayo enjoyed himself bumping around blind folded; Emily, Jia, Zeel and Kristina had a giggle on Jacob’s Ladder wobbling around while Mia was as nimble as a billy goat making it to the fifth rung of a very wobbly ladder.

Matthew has shown his diva side carrying his hair gel everywhere he goes! He is preened to perfection for the disco tonight. Georgina and Louisa have been practising their dance moves all day and are now ready to tear up the dance floor.

It’s been a brilliant day – we anticipate little sleep tonight after the children hit the dance floor.
This will be our last blog but will keep in touch throughout our journey home.

Mrs Nicola and Ms Davey and Miss Thornton


Kingswood Disco continued

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Kingswood Disco

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Kingswood Day 4 Pictures

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Kingswood Day 3

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The sun finally came out today and the children have been beaming along with it.

The day began with showers and breakfast AND a much better sleep had by everyone! An action packed day lay ahead beginning with quads, nightline and environmental art. Confidence and trust in each other was the aim in nightline whilst creativity was the name of the game in environmental art. The girls created a masterpiece after completing a scavenger hunt by designing a large zip wire as something they were most looking forward to. Speed was next on the agenda with quad biking; Aoife and Patrick led the way showing everyone how it was done. Great fun was had by all.

Everyone was ready for lunch today and with fish fingers and chips on the menu, their plates were cleared up in no time.

After lunch and another shop visit, we were off to Archery. Kayleigh got top score using three arrows managing to hit the bullseye whilst one or two others forgot which way to shoot!! A few nerves began to set in with our next activities – caving and zip wire. Oliver definitely wins the award for overcoming his fears (even if it meant dragging Mrs Nicola in with him!) and after his initial wobble, there was no stopping him. Fynn shone today with his gentlemanly manners and a shoulder to cry on at the zip wire. The children showed great courage and learnt that sometimes things aren’t as bad as they seem. A good lesson in life.

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun as before we knew it, it was dinner time – the children ran all the way to be greeted by curry and doughnuts. Off then for more speed with go karting; the night ending with a trail of mystery!

Thank you again for your continued emails and letters. The children cannot wait for more adventures tomorrow.

Kingswood Day 2

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Hello everyone

We understand there has been a technical issue with the school blog so are now re-submitting yesterday’s blog.

The day began with a hearty breakfast as usual but unfortunately the weather wasn’t too kind with wind and cold temperatures. This did not dampen the children’s spirits with our first session being orienteering. This was followed by more low ropes and bouldering – a type of transverse wall climb. Izzy and Anna proved to be sure footed and completed the climb with speed and ease. The children refueled with a healthy lunch of pasta and salad, and then it was off for a day at the beach. Everyone rolled up their sleeves in a competitive sand castle building competition, followed by crabbing. Sam K and Caleb were the chief crab catchers. We then enjoyed some delicious ice-cream purchased from the local shop.

After dinner the children took part in more climbing adventures as well as problem solving activities. Hannah stood out to be quick thinking and determined so to lead her team to victory. Louis then entertained everyone by hula hooping with a tyre – a very impressive feat.

We rounded off the day with a movie night and hot chocolate.

Happy campers all round.

Thank you for all your emails and letters; the children are thrilled to receive messages from home. Please keep them coming. Watch out for some of the children’s letters home soon.