Year 6 – 07/07/17

This week began with a trip to Dame Alice Owen School, where the children had the opportunity to experience what science in secondary school might look like. They enjoyed using the Bunsen burners in one of the labs, and they also had a session in the library to find out what’s involved in carrying out scientific research. Many thanks to Ms Chandler for organising this.

Tuesday saw a Moving On Day, brought to us by Act 4. We spent the day at the church, and the children engaged in activities which got them thinking about the next stage in their lives as they move up to secondary school.

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As a follow-on from Monday’s visit to Dame Alice Owen, past pupils from Pope Paul – who are now at DAO – came to talk to Y6. The session began with current Y7 pupils presenting a recent science project to the class, and ended with a Q&A time about science at DAO and transition to secondary school. It was a real insight into the exciting things to come at secondary school in September!

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Willows Farm

What a wonderful day was had by all!

The children started the day by thinking about what animals need to stay healthy. We then went with our guide Danielle, to the large indoor animal house, where we saw and fed the shire horses, donkeys, goats, alpacas, rabbits and pigs. Some of us held the guinea pigs!

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Next, we visited the reindeer and goats. Did you know that a male reindeer loses it’s antlers before Christmas every year and a female after Christmas? They grow back exactly the same shape but every year they get bigger! That must make the reindeers belonging to Father Christmas all female!!

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Then it was show time!

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Then we learnt about how cows are milked and what everyday foods start out as milk. We also had a go at milking.

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There was just enough time before lunch to go on a tractor ride.

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After lunch, we let off some energy in the Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground, before watching the sheep race.

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An early night needed for everyone I think!

Enjoy your evening,

The Early Years Team

Traditional English Folk Dancing

The highlight of the week by far was when Reception participated in a traditional English folk dancing workshop. The children absolutely loved every minute of it.

Please see the following videos for an insight into their session!

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Early Years Team


19th – 25th June

It has been a week full of team work, resilience and creative learning in Y5.


In maths the children have been revising different topics using performance poetry and graffiti. We have also been practising our problem solving and justifying skills – using multi step word problems.










Garden Party 

In preparation for the garden party we discussed, planned and created our 2000s themed garden.

The 2000s saw the growth of the Internet, which allowed faster communication among people around the world. It is remembered for the Harry Potter series being released, the start of a new millennium and Doctor Who returning to our screens.

The London Eye on the South Bank of the River Thames in London was laden with fireworks on the eve of the Millennium – which millions of people enjoyed. Our garden is a recreation of the South Bank – complete with Millennium Wheel.







On Wednesday we visited Tolmers scout camp in cuffley, where we took part in many different physical challenges including conquering the high ropes, racing go karts, battling gladiator style and navigating inflatable obstacles. It was also great to explore the woodland and help each other overcome their fears.

IMG_1549 IMG_1509 IMG_1585 IMG_1552 IMG_1542 IMG_1519

Well done and good luck Y6

It was wonderful to watch the Y6 dress rehearsal on Monday afternoon – what a talented class! We hope you have a great time at Kingswood.

Enjoy your weekend

Miss Pringle




Year 3

After an exciting Monday at the Celtic Harmony camp, we moved swiftly on to supporting our Year 2 class with getting ready for their move into Year 3. We all have a buddy and they wrote letters to us asking questions about life in Year 3. We wrote back and also introduced them to playtime in Key Stage 2.


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The finale of our week was our garden party. Year 3 designed a  garden with the theme of the sixties. We enjoyed painting stones and creating flower patterns with them.


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Sadly, we say goodbye to Ms Prendercast this week as she has finished her time with us.  We wish her all the best for her next year and thank her for all her support.


Enjoy your weekend

Mrs Joyce


Year 3 – Stone Age Day

Yesterday, Year 3 went on an amazing trip to the Celtic Harmony Camp for a stone age day.

We took part in the following activities:

Hunting and Gathering

Den building

Soap Flint Knapping Activity

Friction and Fire lighting Demonstration

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Sports Day

Well done year 3 for taking part in your first Key Stage 2 Sports Day.  A good morning was had by all.IMG_1431 016 017 018

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Our next project is to prepare for the garden party next Friday.  This week we started getting ready by planting flowers in our year 3 bed to represent the 60s.  We have painted stones to represent ‘flower power’ and we hope to cover them in PVA glue next week and add them to our garden.

007 008 009

Thank you to  those of you who managed to join our walking float at the carnival last week,  we all had a great time.

Remember on Monday we are out for the day to visit Celtic Harmony .


Enjoy the sunshine.

Mrs Joyce





Spirituality Week, Tie Dye and Celebration Morning

Wow! What a busy week we have had; our feet haven’t touched the ground since Monday!

The start of the week saw the introduction to Spirituality week, where the children made prayer cards and shared them with their Year 6 partners.

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On Tuesday, we asked ourselves the question, ‘Where do I see God?’

On Wednesday, we were led through the various prayer stations by Year 6. The Reception children were respectful and  prayerful throughout.

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On Tuesday, we tie dyed our t shirts ready for the Potters Bar carnival next month. Remember to give them a wash on their own, either by hand or on a quick cycle in the washing machine.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful turnout at the Celebration Morning today. I hope you enjoyed sharing your child’s learning.

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Have a wonderful half term holiday.

The Reception Team


Singing About Bugs

Reception have been very busy learning new songs in class!

What do you think?

We have had an extremely busy week learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and helping to create the new school mosaic.

We were lucky enough to find two caterpillars crawling around the outside area this week, and so we put them in our caterpillar house. To our amazement, they both decided that they quite liked their new surroundings and each spun a chrysalis! We even managed to catch one in the act itself, and watched it on the class interactive whiteboard, using the visualiser. Nature in all it’s glory!

This inspired us to try to find more caterpillars or butterfly eggs outside.003

004 005 006 007 009 034 035 036 266 267 268 269 270 271 278 284They proved very tricky to find, but after a few days of searching, we came across these bright, yellow eggs.

What creature do they belong to? We are not sure; please tell us if you know!

We also had lots of fun helping to create the 50 years celebratory mosaic.

148 152 156 163 166 169 170 175 180 183 185 192 197 202 207 210 214 218 225

Next week we are looking forward to Spirituality Week and learning about the song ‘ The Ugly Bug Ball’.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team


A special time in year 3

It was a special moment in time on Tuesday when the children who received the sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time at Mass on Sunday returned to class confident to share their experiences with us.

We continue to pray and remember the children who will receive the sacrament over the next two weekends.

Meanwhile our tomatoes continue to grow!

001 002 Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Joyce